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GSA releases FY 2024 per diem rates

August, 17 2023

The federal General Services Agency (GSA) just announced new federal lodging per diem rates for Fiscal Year 2024

Hotel Pool Safety Requirements

March, 26 2024

Tips to minimize and prevent pool and spa-related injuries, as well as information on what Texas law requires

Texas Leads the Way to Court Victory on Challenging NLRB’s “Joint Employer” Rule

March, 26 2024

Important legal victory – a federal judge for the Eastern District of Texas blocked the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) expanded joint-employer rule

Exploring the Future of Hospitality: A Recap of the 2024 THLA Hotel Summer Camps

March, 26 2024

Highly anticipated Texas Hotel Summer Camps are open. Available in three vibrant cities—Houston, Fort Worth, and Bryan College Station.

Kerrville Texas – Beautifully Crafted

March, 26 2024

The past meets the present in beautifully crafted Kerrville. Learn about it’s rich history, Hill Country adventures, and rich art and culture.

The Growing Demand for Extended Stays in Hotels

March, 26 2024

The post-pandemic working environment made extended stay one of the fastest-growing segments in hospitality. Read aboout demand and benefits here.

Digital Spring Cleaning- Review and Access Your Lodging Listing

March, 26 2024

Spring cleaning is upon us and now is the time to view and make any updates to your property listing via our website.

The Corporate Transparency Act and its Implications for Hotel Owners in Texas

February, 27 2024

A new federal law, the Corporate Transparency Act, recently went into effect as of January 1, 2024, and has serious implications for many hotel owners across Texas.

TABC Compliance Reports are Due Soon!

February, 27 2024

TABC Compliance Reports are due by March 31, 2024!

Texas Hotels and the Solar Eclipse 2024

February, 27 2024

Most models predict Texas will have almost 1.3 million visitors for the phenomenon. Get your lodging ready.

Hospitality High School Highlights

February, 26 2024

Omni Dallas Hotel and Richardson High School (RHS) have come together in an exciting collaboration to provide students with an immersive and innovative learning experience in the world of hospitality. Introducing the “Hospitality Hub.”

Recap of the 77th Annual Short Course

February, 26 2024

Recap of the 77th Annual THLA Short Course!

The lively hotel lobby, suggestions to transform your space

January, 31 2024

First impressions are lasting. Your lobby sets the mood for the guest experience. Here are some suggestions for livening up your lobby

THLA Receives Award of Excellence for 2023 Governmental Affairs Program

January, 30 2024

THLA Receives Award of Excellence for 2023 Governmental Affairs Program

Brownsville – On the Border, by the Sea and Beyond

January, 29 2024

Brownsville, Texas is a multifaceted destination with a colorful variety of history, culture, food, and a view of the future. From the Charro Festival, to the SpaceX Starbase, to the Taco Trail, savor the border in Brownsville.

Hotel Industry Trends to Watch 2024

December, 29 2023

While the hotel industry continues to evolve, many past trends have become standard operating procedure. Sustainability, eco-friendly efforts, techno-savvy business practices, and personalization are no longer trendy, they’re expected.

End of Year Document Clean-Up 2023

December, 28 2023

At the end of the year, it is time to store away documents and get ready for the next year. But, how long do you need to keep those files?

Seize the Bay in Baytown

December, 28 2023

Nestled in the Gulf Coast just 30 minutes east of Houston, Baytown, Texas, emerges as a captivating destination for both business and leisure travelers alike.

Come Seize the Bay!

Geopolitical Turmoil’s Impact on the Tourism Industry

November, 29 2023

Geopolitical turmoil impacts the tourism industry both directly and indirectly. While Texas is relatively unaffected by recent conflicts, there are reasons to stay vigilant.

The Growth of Mid-Market Hotels

October, 31 2023

Mid-market, or ‘Premium Economy’ hotels are on the rise. In the past, hotels have been been categorized as either luxury or budget hotels, but with the growing demands and desires of travelers wanting more comfort and amenities without extravagant spending, many hotels are finding a sweet spot in the middle. 

Cedar Hill – Scenic City

October, 30 2023

Cedar Hill offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, a nature enthusiast’s destination for hiking, biking, boating, birding and camping, incredible shopping, and diverse dining. Visit scenic Cedar Hill, a thriving city in a picturesque park setting.

THLA Released a Collection of Education Partnership Resources

October, 30 2023

THLA resources are developed to serve as a timesaving starting place for Texas hoteliers

The Texas Legislature Passed Property Tax Relief July 2023

October, 27 2023

Property taxes are a major line-item expense for hotel owners, and the Texas legislature was primed to take up property tax relief this year.

Judging CTSO Competitions Offer Business Benefits

September, 28 2023

In Texas, there are several CTSOs that foster and develop skills that prepare students for success in the hotel industry.

Chatbots and the Hospitality Industry

September, 27 2023

Chatbots are computer programs that can help hotels improve their customer experience and reduce costs and workloads on human customer service representatives

Industry Icon Bill Kirk’s Passing

September, 27 2023

Texas hospitality icon Bill Kirk passed away.

Alpine Texas, the Eden of the West

September, 27 2023

Alpine is nestled in a valley surrounded by the foothils of the Davis and Glass Mountains, with grand vistas and stunning mountain landscapes. Explore Alpine!

The Hotel Industry and Climate Change

August, 31 2023

The hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels threaten coastal resorts and hotels, snow melt affects mountain destinations, heat, and drought are changing eco-tourism.

The Role Of High School Partnerships And Future Leaders

August, 29 2023

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Digital Marketing for Hotels 2023 – UX, VR, AI, and Other Acronyms

July, 27 2023

The digital marketing landscape changes constantly and the perpetual motion of digital media can make it hard to find your footing. Here are some recommendations for how hotels can utilize better UX, VR and AI