Texas Hospitality Universities and Colleges

Future leaders in the global hospitality industry will benefit from respected knowledge and skills gained in the achievement of a college education and are better equipped to drive business success.

The following post-secondary education institutions partner with the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association (THLA) and/or Hospitality Educators Association of Texas (HEAT) and offer a 4-year bachelor’s degree in a Hospitality related subject area:

  • The Art Institute of Austin (B)
  • The Art Institute of San Antonio (B)
  • Dallas Baptist University (B)
  • Lamar University (B) (M)
  • Stephen F. Austin State University (B)
  • Texas Tech University (B) (M) (D)
  • The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (B)
  • The University of Houston (B) (M) (D)
  • University of North Texas (B) (M)
  • University of North Texas at Dallas (B)
  • Wiley College (B)

The following post-secondary education institutions partner with the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association (THLA) and/or the Hospitality Educators Association of Texas (HEAT) and offer a 2-year Associate’s degree in a Hospitality related subject area:

  • Alamo Community College – St Philips College (A)
  • Austin Community College (A)
  • Central Texas College (A)
  • Collin county Community College District (A)
  • Del Mar College (A)
  • Dallas College (A)
  • El Paso Community College (A)
  • Galveston College (C)
  • Grayson College (A)
  • Houston Community College System (A)
  • McLennan Community College (A)
  • Tarrant County College (A)

C – Certificate, A – Associate, B – Bachelor, B – Bachelor, D – Doctorate

Industry Partners

Research has shown that students are more likely to complete college or technical training in the industry where they are afforded opportunities to participate in work-based learning experiences like internships or job shadowing. Work-based learning opportunities provide students with relevant work experiences and open the door to increased occupational opportunities. Please complete the form if you would like more information and support in becoming an industry partner to increase exposure to the exciting careers that exist in the hotel industry.

School Districts

There is great value in having collaboration between education and industry. The collaboration provides a common language across education and industry and enhances student preparation for industry success. When education leaders partner with industry leaders, more robust work based learning opportunities exist for students. Please complete the form to request additional support in developing education-industry partnerships in the hotel industry.

Hospitality Educators Association of Texas

HEAT is the only Texas professional development association to encompass membership from culinary, hospitality and tourism educators from secondary and post-secondary institutions. The membership also includes representatives from the Hospitality industry as well as members from professional associations representing the Hospitality Industry in Texas. HEAT is recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). HEAT provides educator professional development, information resources, strong connections to industry, student scholarships, and educator recognition. 

Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative

The Texas Hotel & Lodging Association supports the Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative established by Governor Greg Abbott in March 2016 for Linking Education and Workforce: Spurring Economic Growth Across Texas.

As directed by House Bill 3767, 87th Texas Legislature (Regular Session), the Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative presents state workforce development strategies. The state workforce development strategies address the three statewide priorities listed below and identified in the 2020 Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative report, Linking Education and Workforce: Spurring Economic Growth Across Texas.

Tri-Agency Priorities: 

  1. Pathways– Support efficient and flexible pathways to earning degrees, certificates, and other credentials linked to high-wage, in-demand jobs. 
  2. Support– Ensure students receive the supports necessary to succeed at all stages of their educations and in their transitions to the workforce.
  3. Infrastructure– Create a robust infrastructure for interagency collaboration around common goals, data, and processes to ensure improved student outcomes and meet employers’ needs.

Learn more about Tri-Agency’s goals and strategies here

THLA is currently working on hospitality college scholorships. For more information on our educational programs please contact Debbie Wieland, THLA’s Education Outreach & Foundation Director.