You Gotta Go To Glen Rose!

You Gotta Go!

Rita Smith- Director of Visit Glen Rose

Welcome to Glen Rose, You may have heard about our little city—the dinosaur tracks, the petrified wood buildings, and the warm-hearted people who call this place home. But let me share a secret with you: Glen Rose is more than just a picturesque spot on the map; it’s a well-preserved nook of nostalgia we all long to find & experience, in a world gone digital (and a little crazy).

Historic Downtown Square: A Captivating Intersection of Past & Present.

As you step onto the Historic Downtown Square, time seems to slow down. Having moved to Texas from California a few years ago, I can tell you it reminds me of the Back to The Future Set! Wow! Places like this exist in real life!

Stroll past darling boutiques, antique shops, and even an authentic 50’s diner. Have fun browsing beautiful dresses, vintage vinyl records, pottery, and local art. Saturdays in Spring and Summer, look for a lively Historic Farmer’s Market right on the square!

Pick up some locally made jams, pickles and fresh produce, while pleasant music fills the air. The shopkeepers greet you with genuine smiles, and be sure to notice the bell chiming as you enter some of the charming places around the square. Don’t forget to stop by the County Museum! From Moonshining artifacts to the Lincoln assassination theories, it’s a treasure trove of American History, packed with discoveries.

Big Rocks Park: Nature’s Playground

Just a stone’s throw away (pun intended) lies Big Rocks Park. Here, the Paluxy River flows as families gather for picnics or birthday parties on the banks, and the kids wade in the cool waters.

The massive boulders—some as big as cars—invite you to climb, explore, and connect with nature. Fish, tube, or enjoy a local snow cone in the sun! Big Rocks Park is one of the natural attractions that set Glen Rose apart. Be sure to stroll along the Riverwalk and experience the tranquility of life by the water.


Dinosaur World

Step into a prehistoric wonderland at Dinosaur World! Thousands of visitors come from all over Texas and the United States to take their little dinosaur enthusiasts to this one-of-a-kind LIFE-SIZED dinosaur attraction!

Watch the kids’ imaginations come alive with the interactive exhibits or let them mine for gemstones and dig for REAL fossils! The dino-themed playground promises family fun and their HUGE toy store is filled with all things Dinosaurs. With other Dinosaur World locations in Florida and Kentucky, there’s nothing else like it in Texas and it’s only here, in Glen Rose!

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Just up the road from Dinosaur World, you’ll find Dinosaur Valley State Park.

 Discover the Footprints: The park’s claim to fame? Actual dinosaur tracks imprinted in the ancient riverbed. Imagine standing where colossal sauropods once trod – it’s a thrilling connection to our prehistoric past and one of our largest draws!

Scenic Wonder: Spread across 1,500 acres, this scenic haven straddles the majestic Paluxy River. Wooded hills, rocky terrain, and lush greenery create an enchanting backdrop for your adventure.

Dinosaur Valley isn’t just about the past. It’s alive with critters! Spot white-tailed deer, and coyotes, and maybe catch a glimpse of the elusive Golden-Cheek Warbler. Birdwatchers, rejoice!

Whether you’re a paleontology enthusiast, a nature lover, or a family seeking adventure, Dinosaur Valley State Park welcomes you. Pack a picnic, lace up your hiking boots, and let the echoes of ancient roars guide your journey.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Better than the Zoo!

Fossil Rim Drive-Thru Safari: Hop in your car or take the guided tour! Lookout onto the gorgeous landscape and keep a lookout for all the different species – Giraffes, Rhinos, Emu and more –. Believe me, feeding the Giraffes up close and personal is like nothing else! The rolling hills and rugged terrain provide breathtaking vistas, so snap those photos, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy this special kind of thrill ride!

“The Promise” Production: The Story of Jesus

Imagine an outdoor amphitheater nestled among rolling hills. The stars above twinkle as a live reenactment unfolds—the timeless stories of faith, courage, and redemption. That’s The Promise, a life production of the life, death and resurrection of Christ told through story and song. An extremely popular production, so be sure to check showtimes and buy tickets in advance.

Local Food and Texas Music is Fuel for the Soul

Hungry after your adventures? Glen Rose caters to all tastes.

The Riverhouse Grill is a charming restaurant with American fare and Snyder’s Tavern is a full bar and grill attached to the popular Inn on the River. For an intimate steakhouse experience, Whisky Woods awaits. This uber-popular new restaurant combines speakeasy with moonshine history and stunning menu options. People come from neighboring towns to enjoy their Sunday brunch!

Try the BIG juicy Burgers at The Green Pickle, Authentic Mexican food at Mama Mia, and even a new bakery coming soon! Baked! Bread and Pastry Co., with its roots in the sister city Granbury, will open a second location right off the town square. Massey’s Barbeque is a GREAT new place for families to gather and they even offer Gospel music on Sunday! That’s right. Small towns do that!

Another newbie, Pinstripes, serves up authentic New York Pizza and walls filled with colorful insta-worthy art by a fabulous local muralist! Sexton Mills is a crowd-pleasing local staple, with many talented musicians performing on the regular- and with our recent Music Friendly Designation, the calendar just gets better!

From RV Sites to Bougie Resorts: Stay All Night

Whether you’re an RV enthusiast or seeking boutique accommodations, Glen Rose is your new favorite place to go. Set up camp near the river, where the stars twinkle brighter than city lights! Or indulge in luxury at a boutique resort like La Pamilla, where pampering meets rustic charm. As the sun sets, gather around a campfire, swap stories, and let the Texas night sky work its magic.

From Oakdale RV Park to quaint Country Woods Inn or one of our many incredibly cozy BnB’s — there’s a PERFECT place for everyone to stay in Glen Rose!

Home Away From Home

4 square miles steeped in nature, historical wonders, and hospitality.  Once you’ve been, you’ll know what I mean. So pack your bags, hit the open road, and tell everyone you know!

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