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All THLA lodging members are listed on three leading tourism websites for promoting travel and lodging in Texas. These sites provide tremendous expousure for hotels and other lodging members. – The State’s Travel & Tourism website. The state will spend over $140 million over the next two years marketing the TravelTexas website. Lodging properties are listed on the website through membership with THLA. – is the #1 independent Texas travel website for travelers looking for inspiration and information to plan their trip and within Texas. – THLA’s website showcases all of our member properties. In addition, the website provides hotels with invaluable innkeeper information and unlimited access to all of our online resouces.


How to Get Started

We encourage you to take a look at how your property is currently being shown and if changes are needed we can walk you through how to make those changes. 

Step 1: On our website you will see the Member Portal located in the top right corner. Click on the Member Portal button. This will prompt you to enter your THLA credentials. 

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password. Your username is your THLA member ID, and the last four digits of your property phone number.  If you do not know your login, please contact us to reset your login. 

Step 3: Once logged in you will see a button titled Update Profile and Listing. Click the button and follow the prompts. 

*Note: All photos will need to be approved by our team. We recieve a notice and can approve the photos rather quickly, but ask that you give us 48 hours to approve. 

Step 4: Check your listing a few days after your changes. 


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