Staff Retention Strategies for Hotels

Staffing Shortages

According to the AHLA, about three-quarters of hotels are experiencing staffing shortages in 2024, and employee turnover is one of the highest costs for the hospitality industry.

Maintaining optimal staffing capacity is critical for giving guests the service they expect and reducing turnover costs.

This summer’s strong travel demand might expose potential staffing shortages at your hotel and highlight the importance of keeping your current staff happy.

Make sure you offer competitive compensation, career development opportunities, a safe, positive work environment, and cultural inclusivity.


Keep your hotel employees happy and engaged with these best practices.


Strategies & Best Practices

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Offer attractive salaries, health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, including bonuses to boost employee satisfaction. Add additional perks like discounted hotel stays and meals to incentivize staff further.

Career Development Opportunities

Provide ongoing educational and training opportunities with clear career progression paths to help employees visualize long-term potential within the company. This includes offering tuition reimbursement and opportunities for promotion.

Positive Work Environment

Encourage a supportive, diverse, inclusive culture where employees feel valued and heard. Schedule regular feedback sessions, team-building activities, and recognition programs to enhance morale and loyalty.

Work-Life Balance

Ensure employees have a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible scheduling, paid time off, and wellness programs to reduce burnout and improve job satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Engage employees through regular communication involvement in decision-making and provide opportunities for creative input to make them feel more connected to the hotel’s mission and goals.

Examples of Successful Programs

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton’s “Thrive@Hilton” program focuses on employee wellness, career development, and recognition, contributing to high retention rates and a positive workplace culture.

Marriott International

Marriott’s emphasis on internal promotion and comprehensive training programs, such as their “Voyage Global Leadership Development Program,” helps retain talent by providing clear career advancement opportunities.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons prioritizes employee feedback and engagement through regular surveys and town hall meetings, ensuring staff feel valued and heard, which enhances retention.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Hyatt’s commitment to employee well-being is evident in its extensive health and wellness programs and flexible work arrangements, which foster a supportive work environment.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Kimpton offers unique benefits like pet insurance and mental health resources, alongside a strong culture of inclusivity and recognition, making it an attractive workplace.

Employing these strategies and practices can lead to a more engaged, happy, and loyal workforce, ultimately enhancing the hotel industry’s overall guest experience and operational efficiency.

By prioritizing staff retention, hotels can build a strong, dedicated team that drives long-term success.



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