Beautifully Crafted Kerrville

Past Meets Present

The past meets the present in beautifully crafted Kerrville, Texas. This Hill Country town embodies its rich history, from the courageous pioneers who settled in the area to brilliant craftsmen like James Avery who cultivated the entrepreneurial spirit that still thrives today.

Visitors feel inspired as they stroll the historic downtown, uncover an antique gem, pedal through riverside trails, find the perfect artisan gift, or enjoy a handcrafted meal. Kerrville’s green hills and refreshing waters set the tone for a peaceful and relaxed visit to the Texas Hill Country. Just as the Guadalupe River crafts its own path through Kerrville, visitors can craft their own experience during their stay.

A Crafted Past

Kerrville has a rich history steeped in exploration and entrepreneurialism. The story begins in 1689 when Spanish explorer Alonso De Leon discovered the running waters of the Guadalupe River as he was heading west from the Gulf of Mexico.

Around 160 years later, Joshua D. Brown led settlers to the area where they built sawmills and cultivated farms along the river. They called the city Brownsborough and it was later renamed Kerrville to pay homage to Brown’s friend and Texas Revolution veteran, Major James Kerr.

Another figure who found Kerrville to be brimming with possibility and beauty was Charles Schreiner, Sr., a former Texas Ranger and French Immigrant who opened a department store in Kerrville (now Schreiner Goods). He later expanded his business ventures to include banking and ranching, as well as marketing wool and mohair.

One of Charles Schreiner’s very impactful contributions to Kerrville was establishing the Schreiner Institute, now known as Schreiner University. Visitors can tour the Schreiner Mansion located in Historic Downtown Kerrville and learn more about this important figure in Kerrville’s history.

Splash and Play on the Guadalupe River

Kerrville is home to the headwaters of the Guadalupe River and its waters are a favorite spot for visitors and residents alike. Enjoy water activities like paddleboarding, fishing, and kayaking adventures.

Swimming and cooling off in the refreshing waters is also a favorite pastime. Clearly marked river access points at spots like Kerrville-Schreiner Park make accessing the water easy and safe. Don’t own a paddleboard or other river equipment? No problem, Kerrville’s equipment rentals located along the river have got you covered.

Adventure in the Hill Country

Along with the Guadalupe River, visitors can take in the scenery of untouched Hill Country landscapes with a variety of outdoor activities. Scenic drives, hiking and biking, strolls along the Kerrville Trail, and afternoons spent at well-run city parks are just a few ways to enjoy the outdoors in Kerrville.

The Kerrville River Trail is an impressive trail system that spans 6 miles and it is the perfect jumping-off point for exploring a variety of parks and trailheads.

Two parks worth adding to your itinerary include Kerrville-Schreiner Park and Louise Hays Park. The trail also connects Kerrville’s Riverside Nature Center, a free visitor center and garden where kids and adults alike can learn about the animals, plants, trees, and flowers that call Kerrville home. Numerous outdoor events are also hosted in Kerrville, from city events like The Kerrville Folk Festival to athletic events like the Kerrville Mountain Bike Festival, and the Kerrville Triathlon Festival.

Awaken Your Artistic Side

From museums and murals to theaters and festivals, there is no shortage of art and culture in Kerrville. Visitors can begin their artistic explorations by seeing 28 area art installations along Kerrville’s Public Art Trail, including murals, sculptures, and larger-than-life art displays.

Notable destinations on this trail include the “Coming King” Sculpture and Prayer Garden, a 24.5-acre garden park featuring Christian art and a larger-than-life “Empty Cross” (the most symbolic cross sculpture in the world), and Stonehenge II, an unusual structure built to replicate the original Stonehenge in England.

Don’t miss out on Kerrville’s display of artistry at local museums and galleries as well as the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, the Museum of Western Art, and the Riversedge Gallery. Live music fans will flock to Kerrville’s Arcadia Live, a historic theatre located downtown Kerrville that hosts concerts, screenings of classic films, and other community events.


Shop Through Historic Downtown Kerrville

Kerrville’s historic downtown is lined with cozy restaurants and wine bars, eclectic shops, heritage museums and mansions, public art, and more. There’s no better way to experience Kerrville than a stroll through downtown. Shopping enthusiasts will spend the afternoon popping in and out of a variety of shops. For upscale home decor needs, Schreiner Goods continues to attract shoppers near and far for their impressive furnishings, women’s clothing, and accessories.

Fairy Moon Emporium will certainly delight shoppers when searching for eclectic items they can’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for timeless jewelry, look no further than Kerrville. From his humble beginnings to launching more than 100 stores across 4 states, Kerrville is home to the company headquarters and the first retail showroom for James Avery Artisan Jewelry, a nationally acclaimed craftsman of gold and silver jewelry. A short drive from downtown, stop by the store to learn how the company began, view displays of original pieces, and take a moment to see how the jewelry is made.

Delight Your Taste Buds With Kerrville’s Culinary Scene

Kerrville’s ideals of innovation and craftsmanship shine through its culinary scene to surprise and delight visitors. Dine riverside at spots like 1011 Bistro offering delicious wine and fine-dining dishes.

Restaurants with a focus on fresh and healthy ingredients elevate the dining scene in Kerrville for all to enjoy. Spots like Grape Juice, Rails Cafe, and Francisco’s are all local favorites that offer meals for every visitor regardless of dietary restrictions.

Pair your meal with your favorite libation, you are in the Hill Country after all. Stop by Kerrville Hills Winery for a wine tasting, or try a craft beer at one of Kerrville’s many breweries like Pint & Plow Brewing Co., Busted Sandal Brewing Company, and Off Main Brewing.

You can also quench your thirst after a walk along the Kerrville River Trail at the Trailhead Beer Garden located on the campus of Schreiner University. Enjoy bites and brews paired with live music and theatrical performances. Whether you are dining with river views, or in the heart of the city, cheers to a memorable vacation!

Just as the Guadalupe River crafts its own path through the town, visitors craft their own experience with every trip. For more ideas on all there is to do and see in beautifully crafted Kerrville, visit


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