Hotel Industry Trends for 2023

Hotel Industry Trends 2023 – Digital Transformation, Personalization & Happy Staff

THLA researches hotel industry trends and hospitality best practices regularly. At the end of the year we highlight the ones with continued relevance and the ones that must be amped up in the new year.

2023 will move from the need for digital upgrades to complete digital transformation–from online, paperless bookings to contactless check-ins, to customer communications and personalization, to hotel management technologies for leaner operations. 

Eco-conscious millennials will reign in 2023 and green is the thing. Sustainability ranks high in their decision-making process. 

Bleisure is here to stay. Digital nomads are on the move, and hotels should offer a functional and fun blend of work and play.

Complete Digital Transformation

Contactless check-in and keyless entry grew exponentially in post-pandemic travel. At first, this was due to health and safety concerns, now it is expected. Keyless entry is convenient for guests and also improves security. If you haven’t made this switch, you should.

Bleisure, Digital Nomads and Work from Hotel

These travelers are often looking for a unique and authentic property, but also need an efficient work home away from home. This includes free high-speed internet, ample plug sockets, hybrid dual-purpose shared workspaces, and great coffee.

Travel is still expensive and the staycation trend of adding leisure to a work trip will continue in 2023.


Consider energy-efficient lighting including occupancy/motion sensors. Do your research based on your property so as not to sacrifice security concerns (and remember there are many energy-efficient bulb options beyond the off-putting alien autopsy blue color). Energy-efficient lighting not only shows your concern for the environment but saves money. 

Find alternatives for single-use plastics, maintain all plumbing for water efficiency, remind your guests to consider re-using towels, and source local food and beverage for your bars or restaurants. Going green also includes, well, green. Bringing the outdoors inside where possible, and actually utilizing the color green is still very popular.


Digital Concierges, especially ones who ‘know’ their customer ….Voice-activated assistants are becoming more and more popular. Guests appreciate having personal control of temperature, lighting, or the TV without leaving their beds. You can even consider smart mirrors that provide information about local weather and attractions. 

Purposeful Travel

Adventure, experiential, health and wellness, nature excursion and extreme sports continue to appeal to post-pandemic travelers. If your property offers these options, promote them. 

Instagram-Worthy Content

We’ve written before about making your property Instagram-worthy. By showcasing unique architecture and locations, or photo-ready food and drink visitors are more likely to share their experience. User-generated content is often more persuasive to potential visitors than paid advertising.

Flexible Pricing Models and Short-term Booking

Demand will continue to be variable. Pricing needs to be dynamic and flexible. Hotels can’t rely on fixed pricing models to deliver consistent business volume, especially in high-volume hub cities. 

Short-term booking windows offer opportunities to connect with more mobile, tech-savvy, engaged travelers who are constant shoppers that switch seamlessly between business and leisure, given appealing options.

Leaner Operations

Integrate technology to streamline your operation. Research companies like Cloudbeds, a hospitality management platform that integrates booking, property management, revenue management, channel management, websites and finance/payments.

Integrating hotel automation and hotel management system software doesn’t just please guests; it also offers major staff cost savings to operators.

Happy Staff

Remember, exceptional hospitality starts with a happy staff. And considering the ongoing worker scarcity in the hospitality industry, keeping your staff happy is a smart investment.


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