Author: THLA Staff

Geopolitical Turmoil’s Impact on the Tourism Industry

November, 29 2023

Geopolitical turmoil impacts the tourism industry both directly and indirectly. While Texas is relatively unaffected by recent conflicts, there are reasons to stay vigilant.

The Growth of Mid-Market Hotels

October, 31 2023

Mid-market, or ‘Premium Economy’ hotels are on the rise. In the past, hotels have been been categorized as either luxury or budget hotels, but with the growing demands and desires of travelers wanting more comfort and amenities without extravagant spending, many hotels are finding a sweet spot in the middle. 

Cedar Hill – Scenic City

October, 30 2023

Cedar Hill offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, a nature enthusiast’s destination for hiking, biking, boating, birding and camping, incredible shopping, and diverse dining. Visit scenic Cedar Hill, a thriving city in a picturesque park setting.

THLA Released a Collection of Education Partnership Resources

October, 30 2023

THLA resources are developed to serve as a timesaving starting place for Texas hoteliers

Judging CTSO Competitions Offer Business Benefits

September, 28 2023

In Texas, there are several CTSOs that foster and develop skills that prepare students for success in the hotel industry.

Chatbots and the Hospitality Industry

September, 27 2023

Chatbots are computer programs that can help hotels improve their customer experience and reduce costs and workloads on human customer service representatives

Industry Icon Bill Kirk’s Passing

September, 27 2023

Texas hospitality icon Bill Kirk passed away.

Alpine Texas, the Eden of the West

September, 27 2023

Alpine is nestled in a valley surrounded by the foothils of the Davis and Glass Mountains, with grand vistas and stunning mountain landscapes. Explore Alpine!

The Hotel Industry and Climate Change

August, 31 2023

The hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels threaten coastal resorts and hotels, snow melt affects mountain destinations, heat, and drought are changing eco-tourism.

The Role Of High School Partnerships And Future Leaders

August, 29 2023

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.