Make Your Hotel Instagram-worthy

Instagram started out as a photography app, but is now a very valuable marketing tool for businesses with Instagram-Worthy content.

From compelling exteriors showcasing unique architecture and locations to interesting interiors, to themed rooms, noteworthy amenities, and photo-ready food and drink, hoteliers must keep a constant opportunistic eye out for experiences and visuals worth sharing.

Here are some suggestions on how to make your hotel more Instagram-worthy.


Offer Escape from the Ordinary

Many people find the joy of travel is in escape. Wherever possible, offer the extraordinary.

Anything from a paper-wrapped goat’s milk soap in the bathroom to a Smoked Old Fashioned at the bar (with real smoke), to an infinity pool, to a horsehead lamp by the bed can inspire the instagrammers. 

Highlight what is unique about your property.

Lighting is everything

The best images live by the light. Maximize your natural light with open curtains and clean windows. Position lighting fixtures with mood in mind. Spotlight special art or installations. Take every opportunity to bring the outdoor in. 


Themed Spaces

Add in a wow factor. Consider creating themed spaces.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on intricate interior design. Think bars that look like libraries, musical instruments as art, utilizing old brewery equipment as design elements or incorporating cotton gins into your outdoor garden.

Give your guests something to talk about. 


Local Flavor

Create an atmosphere unique to your location whether you’re by a breezy beach, showcasing big-city sophistication, or keeping it real with cowtown culture.

Carry the local flavor over into the guest rooms, restaurant and bar menus, and even background music. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

The more unique your guest’s experience, the more likely they will want to share it.

Food Photography

‘Feed the camera first.’

We know it can be awkward when people pull out their phones to snap a shot of a stunning spread or a beautiful cocktail while others wait, maybe not so patiently, to dig in or drink up, but these social media shares are very effective marketing for a hotel’s food and beverage offerings.

And while your food and drink may be fresh and tasty, make sure to pay special attention to your presentation.

Whether you’re using glass-etched coupe’ glasses or mason jars, wooden carving boards, colorful table linens, or Texas-shaped tortilla chips, don’t miss that opportunity to make your food and beverage photo-ready.

Commune with Nature

We’ve discussed before the desire for eco-friendly travel, including a growing desire for outdoor spaces. Find every way you can to incorporate your unique nature, be it tropical vines or desert cacti, aquariums, or a llama ranch.


Add Elements of Fun or Surprise into Your Service

You may have a whistling porter, a juggling bartender, or dog-friendly room service. Bring on the surprises that can delight your guests.

These are often the things they remember and talk about the most.

Seek out Collaborations

Instagram spawned a new niche of people–the influencers. Love them or hate them, they have a great marketing megaphone. Seek out influencers in your space and consider inviting them to your property with the consideration that they post their experience on Instagram. 

Get a hashtag

Make sure your hotel brand has a hashtag and prompt your guests to make their stay part of their story. Make it prominent to guests – on the room desk, in the lobby, at the reception area, around your restaurant, and on your website.

Share Guest Content on Your Own Timeline

Thank your users for their posts and be sure to share their good content on your social platforms.



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