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The Texas Hotel & Lodging Association is happy to release a collection of education partnership resources to assist hoteliers in building strong partnerships with local school districts. To access the collection of resources, use this link:

You will be prompted to login to the THLA membership portal to access the resources. If you need assistance with your login credentials, please contact our office at 512-474-2996.

Each square on the Education Partnership Flyer will link to a folder which contains timesaving templates and resources to assist hoteliers . Folders will be continuously curated as THLA develops additional resources.  


Partnerships are Key

The THLA resources are developed to serve as a timesaving starting place for Texas hoteliers. The hotel industry plays a vital role in the economic development of many communities, offering a wide array of career opportunities, from management and accounting to food & beverage and event planning. Partnering with local school districts to increase high school student awareness and interest in varied hotel occupations is a strategic move that benefits both the industry and the students.

The THLA Education Partnership Resources provide turnkey tools to foster education partnerships which serve as a gateway for students to gain insights into the diverse career paths available within the hotel industry. By offering internships, job shadowing, or educational workshops, hotels can expose high school students to the exciting and dynamic world of hospitality. This not only ignites their passion for the field but also helps them make informed career decisions. Simultaneously, the hotel industry benefits by attracting a pool of talented, enthusiastic young individuals who are eager to learn and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Connect and Learn How to Get Started Locally

Collaborations between the hotel industry and local school districts help cultivate a future workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this sector, ensuring the continued success and vitality of the industry while providing promising career prospects for local youth.

For questions about the resources please contact Debbie Wieland, Education Outreach & Foundation Director at the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association.

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