Texas Hotel & Lodging Association is excited to announce a partnership with Class Action Capital, a market leader in class action settlement claims management. 

THLA is offering this program as a resource for Texas hotels to maximize their knowledge and access to potential class action settlement funds that apply to the lodging industry and to provide an easy method for pursuing such funds.

Class Action Capital specializes in the research, data collection and filing of complex class action settlement claims.Their goal is to maximize your recovery and limit the amount of time and internal resources you would spend if you did this independently. 

While information on class action settlements is publicly available, and no one is required to work with a third-party service, the difficulty for claimants is knowing which settlements are financially beneficial and what data will be required by the court administrator. 

Class Action Capital is successfully working with over 5,000 corporate clients helping to recover refunds on their behalf from a number of recent class action settlements. More information on Class Action Capital and the applicable settlements can be found by visiting:  https://www.classactioncapital.com/

Class Action Capital partners with state associations across the United States including:

  • Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association
  • California Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Colorado Lodging Association
  • Connecticut Hotel & Lodging Association
  • Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association
  • North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association
  • Ohio Hotel Association Washington Hospitality Association
  • Hotel Association of Washington D.C. 
  • Virginia Restaurant & Lodging Association

Please contact Joshua Kerstein at or 914-200-0066 if you have any questions.

DISCLAIMER: Class Action Capital’s fee is a percentage of your financial recovery, as stated on the Service Agreement you sign. You do not have to hire a third-party claims consultant and are entitled to file your claim on your own without incurring any fee. Class Action Capital is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Class Action Capital is not associated with the class administrator, the court, class counsel or any other official parties.

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