Texas Hotels and the Solar Eclipse 2024

Texas is Top Destination for Eclipse Viewers

Most models predict Texas should expect the highest number of eclipse visitors in the U.S., with some estimates at 1.3 million people. These numbers include visitors to the ‘path of totality’ from both inside and outside of the state.

Texas is a big state, with big skies, a long path for the eclipse, and generally favorable weather in early April. We offer many types of lodging in large cities and small towns. All of these factors make Texas a top destination for eclipse seekers.

Most hotels have been booked for months, but the hospitality industry should be prepared for a last-minute surge of eclipse chasers closer to the April 8th date

While Bell County, home to cities such as Belton, Killeen, and Temple, is concerned enough about traffic, emergency response, and water and fuel shortages, has declared a state of emergency ahead of the event, Hillsboro has rebranded itself as ‘Eclipesboro’, inviting more visitors for the event.

Wherever you sit, stand, drive, park or work, enjoy the spectacle of this rare phenomenon.

How Lodging Providers Can Prepare

Here are some suggestions on how lodging providers can prepare for this memorable event:

Offer Special Packages: Many hotels preparing for the influx are offering special packages including eclipse viewing parties, events, live music, themed drinks, and food. Keep in mind many schools will be closing for the event so there may be more kids around.

Partner with Local Businesses: Consider working with local restaurants, tour operators, and shuttle busses to offer eclipse-related packages, activities, and support.

Increase Staff: Be prepared with extra staff to handle demand. This includes parking and traffic management.

Educate Staff about the Eclipse: Make sure your staff is knowledgeable about the eclipse, including timing, viewing areas, transportation, viewing equipment, food, water, and restrooms. Make sure they can help visitors navigate the best routes getting to and from destinations.

Educate Staff About Emergency Procedures: From first aid kits to defibrillators to proximity to emergency care, make sure your staff is prepared for any emergency.

Provide Viewing Equipment: Some hotels may be able to provide eclipse-viewing telescopes or binoculars. Be sure to keep a stock of eclipse-viewing glasses on hand, for sale or offer them for free.

Offer Food and Water to Go: Make sure to have portable food and beverage options.

Folding Chairs and Portable Coolers: Consider stocking your hotel sundry shop with folding chairs, portable coolers, and insulated travel mugs.

Parking, Power, Prices & Promotion

Prepare for Increased Traffic and Congestion: Make sure your guests have access to transportation and parking, and consider options for overflow parking.

If Possible, Make it Inviting to Come Early and Stay Late: Invite your guests to linger, in your bar, restaurant or pool, to avoid the traffic snarls.

Be Prepared for Power and Cell Phone Outages: While unlikely, there is the possibility of power outages during an eclipse. Have a backup generator in place. With large crowds, cell towers can overload. Make sure your staff is prepared to assist with any communication issues.

Don’t Get Too Aggressive with Your Prices: While a surge in demand naturally causes a surge in pricing, stay fair and competitive with your costs. Few things ruin a brand’s reputation more than a customer feeling taken advantage of. 

Promote Your Hotel as a Viewing Destination: If you have these amenities to offer, market your hotel to attract eclipse enthusiasts. 

For RVers and Campers: Consider day passes to offer your amenities like your pool or spa to the many eclipse chasers in the State Parks near your hotel.



For more information on trip planning for the Solar Eclipse in Texas on April 8th, 2024, visit our partners at TravelTexas.com.


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