THLA Virtual Interactive Webinar Series: Best of THLA Short Course

Topic One: Sales and Marketing by Cindy Novotny

Tuesday, April 27th: 2:00 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.

THLA is excited to offer a new no-cost virtual interactive webinar series, each session featuring one of our three top rated speakers from our award winning THLA Short Course.  Each of these speakers is beloved by prior Short Course attendees for the value of their information and the exciting and interactive format of their sessions. 

The first presenter in our Best of Short Course series is Cindy Novotny who will present her top rated talk on Sales and Marketing.  This 90-minute session will provide new and innovative ideas on how to create energy and excitement within your hotel sales force, including:

  1. How to communicate better and be more influential;
  2. How to capitalize on social media to build better relationships;
  3. How to promote business continuity; and
  4. Creating innovative solutions to navigate the key steps in sales and marketing during these transitional times.

Expert Cindy Novotny will lead us in a rapid thought-provoking session that will give you the spark you need to begin or enhance your work in hospitality sales and marketing.

Cindy is a much sought after speaker by global leaders in the hospitality and meetings industry.  She will share what she is seeing and has learned from her hotel clients.  Attendees will benefit from Cindy’s extensive knowledge of what it takes to be successful in sales.  And Cindy’s ‘no nonsense’ approach to leading her team and running her business will yield inspiration and new ideas for your workplace. 

In Cindy’s words:  Virtually everyone went back to zero when the rules changed, and COVID really changed the rules. Is it going to be a virtual world forever with live stream events, or is everyone just waiting for someone to make the first move?  Join us for the answers to these questions and much more during this interactive webinar with renowned Short Course Speaker Cindy Novotny! 

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