How to Attract the Deal-Seeker to your Hotel

Travel demand is strong, but budgets are stretched

While travel demand continues to climb up to and beyond pre-pandemic levels, continuing inflation and skyrocketing airfares are stretching budgets and affecting travel plans.

Surveys show low prices and deal shopping are top travel criteria for consumers this year.

Whether you’re entering your peak season or your weak season, your marketing strategy should take these trends into account.

From flash deals to flexible check-ins and check-outs to senior citizen discounts or no pet fees, below are some suggestions to attract the deal-seeker to your hotel:

First, know your audience 

Target your offers and promotions according to your market segments where possible. Families, millennials, business travelers, and solo travelers may be seeking different types of bargains. (And some consumers are indifferent to any deals. If these travelers are among your brand’s loyal customers, entice them through your loyalty programs).

Everyone loves Freebies

If you can swing it, free breakfast ranks high as a desired amenity. With the price of food continuing to rise, free breakfast will appear more attractive than ever, and the buffet is back.

Consider being generous with free room upgrades during your non-peak booking days. Offer a free movie channel in the rooms or free live music in your bar. And free wifi should be standard, but make sure to advertise that information on your website and other promotional media.

Offer free shuttles to and from airports or trains, and consider free shuttles to popular destinations. Seek out mutually beneficial business partnerships and consider offering free vouchers or coupons to museums, sporting events, spa treatments, boat rides, fishing guides etc.

Early Check-in

Accept early check-ins when you can, any chance to extend a trip feels like a deal.

Offer Flash Deals

Many deal-seekers wait it out for last-minute deals and short-stay packages. Don’t forget to utilize mobile marketing, and social media like TikTok and Instagram for these time-sensitive offers.

Beef up Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs encourage repeat business and may offer opportunities for say enticing a loyal business traveler to also become a leisure traveler, or vice versa. 

Deal-Seeker Influencers

If you have relationships with social media influencers make sure they are aware of your special deals and promotions and offer ways to reward them for spreading the word.

Promote your Perks

Perks such as free parking, free breakfast or free WiFi, no pet fees, and Senior Citizen or Military Discounts and affiliations should be highlighted in all of your marketing, advertising, and social media. 

Pay special attention to the content on your own hotel website, not only promoting your perks but offering more in-depth content like videos.

Many bargain hunters shop around looking for deals and even if they discover you through 3rd party booking sites they are likely to visit your site for more information to make their decisions. Highlight rate discounts for booking directly from your site.




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