Safety & Security Protocols After Las Vegas Shooting

Nearly a month after Mandalay Bay Hotel guest Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers from his hotel suite on the 32nd floor, hotel security experts are still searching for answers on exactly what happened, and what can be done to prevent future tragedies like this one from reoccurring.

Facts around the shooting are still emerging, but what we know so far is causing hotel brands to reevaluate security and safety protocols regarding training hotel staff to spot suspicious behavior, and revising do-not-disturb (DND) policies for guest rooms.

On DND policies, THLA advises hotel operators to follow their hotel brand’s guidelines on point.

If there is not an applicable brand guideline, THLA’s legal team believes that regular safety and wellness checks are the most prudent course of action. The frequency of guest safety and wellness checks will vary by hotel property and event activity at the property.

Not all hotels should adopt the same set of standards and protocols.  For example, a hotel located in an industrial area with many guests who work night-shifts may want to schedule health and safety checks with the guest in advance. Other hotels may have reason to avoid providing advance notice of a health and safety checks.  And certain large hotels may determine it is best to have very frequent checks.

In addition to adopting protocols for safety and wellness checks, hotels must train hotel employees to recognize potential safety concerns and to report those concerns to managers immediately. This includes training front desk clerks, housekeepers, room service attendants, engineering staff, etc.

Hotels should also strongly consider consulting with a security expert.  A security consultant can help identify weaknesses in a property’s protective net.  While this is particularly important for larger hotels, all properties can benefit from the advice of an expert.

We still have much to learn from Las Vegas, and we can expect hotel security standards will continue to evolve.  Staying alert to potential threats and keeping up-to-date on industry best practices can help us keep our employees and guests safe.

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