We’ve previously discussed the necessity for hotel managers to stay current with their industry, regarding everything from management ethics to technology upgrades. And we’ve recently recommended some books for deep dives and better in-depth understanding. 

But it’s not enough to just stay current, you need to stay curious. Hotel Management Blogs are a great place to find information and even inspiration that might not be on your mainstream radar, and in a skimmable format for those short on time.  

Different from the deep dive of a good book, blogs and news sites allow you an overview of the broader landscape. You can find short discussions on everything from in-room hot water kettle reviews, to insight on the growing “Bleisure” market (business and leisure travel combined) to specific discussions on software or technology updates for small hotels. 

We’ve rounded up a list of some recommended hospitality industry blogs, but new ones pop up quickly so keep your eyes open. Bookmark the ones you like for when you have time to explore. Sometimes inspiration is in the small places.  


Hotel Speak focuses most of its content on hotel and travel marketing first and technology second. Its goal is to provide actionable advice for hoteliers and hotel marketing teams. Regular topics include social media, chatbots, search engine optimization and content marketing.

Hotel Management Magazine

Although focused in Australia, Hotel Management magazine posts articles on hot topics and current news events. They offer a very skimmable array of articles for a big picture of the hospitality industry.


Hotelogix is more revenue and organization focused. Their goal is to provide operational solutions for independent hotels. At Hotelogix speaks to both the old and the emerging hotel management platforms.


Capterra focuses more on the personnel, career and hospitality management aspects of the hospitality industry.  Capterra’s offers online software directories and complementary tools to provide organizations with a free, comprehensive resource to research software solutions. 


HospitalityNet covers a wide range of topics and offers valuable resources like white papers, technology updates, industry highlights, and more. It focuses on the data-driven aspects of the hospitality industry.      


A valuable resource for the travel industry big picture, PhocusWire presents a very global perspective but it can be a good resource for hospitality industry workshops, summits and lectures. 

Give these Hospitality Management blogs a look, bookmark the ones you like for quick reading to stay current with industry trends, news, revenue management, technology and more.

Do you have any Go-To blogs? Let us know your recommendations and we’d be glad to add them to an always growing list.

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