Energy Saving Tips for Hotels

2022 was one of the hottest summers on record for most of Texas

With the fluctuating cost of energy, long hot summers or surprisingly cold winters can get costly fast, especially for hotels.

Some forecasters predict wholesale energy costs to decrease slightly in 2023, mainly due to a potential drop in natural gas prices and the expansion of cheap renewable electricity.

Inflation, however, will continue to squeeze budgets and require businesses to find cost-saving solutions and energy saving is a good place to focus on. Market instability means businesses must seek common sense solutions and reliable technology to find ways to save.

On average, hotels spend approximately 6% of their operating costs on energy. Read on to find some simple, affordable, and sustainable energy-saving options, as well as long-term infrastructure considerations.

Change the bulbs

One easy way to reduce energy consumption is the use energy-efficient lightbulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs can cut costs significantly while still offering efficient lighting.

There are many options available, take care to consider the color or temperature of the bulbs so as not to make your hotel feel like a hospital.


Smart Devices

Install a smart system with automated lighting controls that adjust for peak usage time, natural light, or motion activation. 

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems consume lots of energy. Consider smart tech climate control such as programmable thermostats that allow guests to set programs for their rooms.

Many hotels have connected devices that go inactive for periods of time, but continue to draw power. ‘Vampire power’ devices still consume energy and can add up significantly over time.

Automated shut-down sockets offer solutions for energy-draining devices. These smart outlets can detect if a device is inactive and put devices in an energy-saving mode when the device is dormant.

Catch energy consumption problems before they get expensive. Predictive monitoring sensors and software help your maintenance team find issues before they cause problems. This can save on energy consumption, costly repairs, and decrease the cost of manual maintenance.

Towel and Sheet Reuse

Many hotels provide fresh linens on a daily basis, but most people don’t use fresh towels and sheets on a daily basis at home and do not need this when they travel.  

Employing the program of towel and sheet reuse is good for both the environment and your property. Less laundry means less water consumption and less labor for your cleaning staff. Depending on the size of your property this practice can save hundreds of gallons a day.

Install advanced heat pumps

Heat pumps can reduce your HVAC energy consumption. Air source heat pumps transfer heat between the interior and exterior of your hotel making rooms warmer or cooler depending on your guests’ needs and can pay for themselves in HVAC cost savings.

Water Management

Leaky toilets and faucets and showerheads that pour water will waste lots of water. Swap out wasteful systems with more sustainable options:

  • Install low-flush toilets 
  • Consider spray faucets in sinks and showers for less hot water flow to conserve energy
  • Check for available rebates and tax benefits for going green upgrades

Renewable Energy

Larger properties should consider renewable energy generators by employing solar, wind, or micro-hydro plants for long-term supplies of more cost-effective energy. While often expensive to install and maintain, your hotel may be eligible for government subsidies or low-cost green loans to invest in renewable energy technology. 

Train your team

Remember to educate your staff in energy-saving practices: 

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas
  • Open and close windows and blinds as needed
  • Check for leaky faucets, toilets, and showers
  • Turn on and off hotel equipment as necessary (i.e. large fans, heaters, etc.)
  • Defrost refrigerators, inspect seals and clean out evaporators and condensers periodically

Inform your guests

Many guests choose hotels based on eco-friendly practices. Make your policies and sustainability commitments known.



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