Going Beyond the Brand: Personal Branding for Leaders
Top Short Course Speaker Karen McCullough

Thursday, July 15th: 2pm – 3:30pm

THLA is excited to offer the second no-cost virtual interactive webinar series, each session featuring one of our three top-rated speakers from our award-winning THLA Short Course. 

Each of these speakers is beloved by prior Short Course attendees for the value of their information and the exciting and interactive format of their sessions. 
The second speaker in our Best of Short Course series is Karen McCullough who will present her top-rated talk on Going Beyond the Brand: Personal Branding for Leaders.  This 90-minute session will provide new and innovative ideas on how to connect with your company’s brand and grow your personal brand including: 

  1. Gaining an understanding of the power of brands;
  2. Discover Karen’s 4-step Personal Branding Process;
  3. Get a fresh perspective on your personal brand; and
  4. Tap into your differentiator to gain a competitive advantage.

Expert Karen McCullough will lead us through a rapid thought-provoking session that will give you the spark you need to begin or enhance your work.

Karen McCullough, speaker, author and branding expert, has worked with the top brands in the nation. Procter & Gamble says that Karen has become the standard by which they compare all other speakers. Karen shows you the essential skills needed to manage and motivate your team and yourself. Her approach is practical, her message is relevant, and her style is total fun. Her programs provide you with the tools necessary to improve, succeed, and create a memorable brand! 

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