Written summary from Texas Lobby Partners:

A lot of money was spent, and the status quo remains for the most part (assuming 2 recounts do not change the election night winner). The blue wave that was suspected did not hit Texas shores.

The Texas House of Representatives remained at its current makeup (83 Republicans, 67 Democrats), with two upsets coming from the Houston area: Republican incumbent Sarah Davis lost to Democratic challenger Ann Johnson, and Democratic incumbent Gina Calanni lost to former Rep. Michael Schofield.

The makeup of the Senate changed by one seat with Democrat Roland Gutierrez defeating Republican Senator Pete Flores. However, many suspected this turn as this is a traditionally blue seat. The makeup of the Senate is now 18 Republicans and 13 Democrats.

The DFW area was a hotspot for potential flips but none came to fruition. In the tightest races, Rep. Angie Chen Button bested her Democratic opponent Brandy Chambers by 223 votes, Rep. Matt Shaheen fended off Democratic challenger Sharon Hirsch by 1,000 votes, and Rep. Morgan Meyer fended off Democratic challenger Joanna Cattanach by 1,634 votes.

Republicans went after two House seats in the Austin area and came up short in both races. In the race against Rep. Erin Zwiener, Republican challenger Carrie Isaac lost by 1,211 votes. In the race to unseat Rep. Vikki Goodwin, Republican challenger Justin Berry lost by 1,324 votes, with Libertarian candidate Michael Clark siphoning off 3,282 votes.

In the Houston area, an open seat left by Rep. Rick Miller was close, but Republican Jacey Jetton was able to win with 51.93% of the vote.
Republicans held on to the Texas Supreme Court, but Republicans did lose many seats on the Texas Court of Appeals.

Next up is the Speaker’s Race. As of now, top contenders appear to be Rep. Trent Ashby and Rep. Dade Phelan. On November 4th, Rep. Phelan announced that he has more than enough pledges of support from other House members to become Speaker, making him the presumed frontrunner.

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