THLA Legislative Update

The Texas Legislature convened on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 for a special session called by Governor Greg Abbott.

As set by Governor Abbott’s “call,” the 30-day legislative period is limited to approximately twenty topics for consideration.  Priority issues for THLA include short term-rental (STR) preemption and controversial “bathroom” legislation.  A full list of subject matters included in the Governor’s call can be found here.

While THLA was successful in defeating both STR preemption and “bathroom” bill efforts during the regular legislative session, supporters of these proposals are likely to try harder than ever to advance similar bills during the special session.  We in fact saw a push during the very first day of the special session to advance these measures that previously failed to pass.  THLA is again working diligently to defeat these bills that are harmful to the lodging industry.

Legislative news can change at a moment’s notice during each day at the Texas Capitol.  THLA continues to monitor all legislation that impacts our industry and will keep you updated with relevant news from Austin. Please watch for our alerts:  We may be calling on you to contact your elected officials to take action.

Additionally, we will be providing summaries of bills filed, and a recap of relevant legislation that passes and does not pass.

Please call our office at (512) 474-2996 to speak with one of our THLA attorneys should you have any questions.

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