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Who could imagine a world without country music? Who in their right mind would want to! Country Music Superstar Miranda Lambert certainly never has, and she never will.


It was in our little 75771 corner of the world that Miranda heard her first country tune, wrote her first country song, sang her first country note. That charming twang of hers comes as natural as a bluebird’s song in Spring. “I’m from East Texas. I can’t change my accent. And no matter what I sing, it’s country music.”

Aren’t we glad!

Nestled 13 miles northwest of Tyler, Texas, Lindale has been Home to the Lambert family for decades. “Lindale, to me, is my foundation. Between my family and this place, it’s who I am and why I can go out there and do all the things that I do.”

Just this year, Miranda became the most nominated female artist in CMA history with a record-breaking 55 career nominations. That’s right, y’all. She passed up Reba.

She’s up for 7 nominations at this year’s CMA Awards, which just so happens to land on the calendar the day after her birthday. Bet we know what her wish will be!

“We could argue [Lambert’s] has been the most important country music career of the 21st century.” – Variety

But to the folks in Lindale, Miranda is more than a superstar. She’s our Hometown Girl.

“She’s a sweet, downhome country girl. Since the day she left Lindale, she’s never changed,” a high school friend doted.

And according to Miranda, neither have the people of Lindale. “The people from Lindale are just country, good Texas people. They are down to earth. Everybody’s got an ice-cold glass of tea and probably something fried in their house, and they’ll invite ya’ in! It’s very warm here. I mean, to me, the epitome of how you think of Texas people being, that’s how people in Lindale are.”

We love you, too, Miranda.

Even after winning a total of 74 major awards, she’s still drawing from her roots. Of her new album, Wildcard, she says, “When people listen to this record, I want them to know that I see them and hear them. I feel you, because I’m just a girl from East Texas, writing about all the things that go on in my world and in the worlds of people around me.”

Lindale is the heart of Miranda’s world. Visitors, or as we like to call them—Guests—come from all over to experience the down home, country life that is Miranda.

As her momma, Bev, puts it, “She’s a Texas girl. She’s born and bred… It’s in her spirit and it shows in her life.”

It shows in our community, too.


Miranda’s love for animals has always been an important part of who she is. While volunteering at local shelters, Miranda adopted her first pup, Delilah, as a companion when she started touring. A few years down the road, Miranda and Bev founded MuttNation Foundation, an organization with a mission to end animal suffering and homelessness on every front. Including the Lindale front.

While in town, guests and their fur-families are invited to visit Lindale’s leash-free City Dog Park located behind Miranda’s donated MuttNation Station, a paw-some adoption center created from a restored 1907 home.

The house, once belonging to the Lindale City Marshal, was relocated to the northwest corner of Darden Harvest Park and renovated by Miranda’s MuttNation, Greater Good and Rescue Rebuild.

MuttNation Station gives adoptees a chance to see how pets will act in a home-like setting, which, we’ve learned, greatly increases adoption rates.

Owners can also bring their current fur-babies to interact with the rescue pups to determine how they may get along with others.

In addition, Tyler Junior College Vet Tech Program provides all spay and neuter services, temperament testing, and shots. Not only does this collaboration give students hands-on training, but it gifts new pet-parents with the services their fur-babies need.  

Local dog-lovers and guests alike regularly enjoy this pet-social center and outdoor community created by Miranda with their fur-families in mind. Lindale also offers pet-friendly hotel accommodations, so don’t leave home without them!

This year, Miranda’s MuttNation Foundation is celebrating its 11th Anniversary. Since its inception in 2009, MuttNation has raised over $4.5 million in support of shelters and of its mission to promote the adoption of rescue pets.

Lindale is pretty proud of that—and the pretty roses that support it.


True to our small-town claim, business deals are sometimes struck in the middle of the local grocery store. That’s the story behind the pink-tacular Miranda Lambert Rose, anyway.

Lawrence Valdez, Lambert family friend and CEO of Certified Roses, was looking for the perfect name to suit his newly created, Hot Pink Hybrid Tea rose, when he just so happened to run into Rick Lambert, Miranda’s dad, at our local grocer. After a few name suggestions and ideas, nothing seemed to click… until he saw Rick. Striking up a conversation right there in the aisle, Rick called Bev, who then called Miranda, who loved the idea, and the Miranda Lambert Rose was born!

A good-looker in the garden, this bushy full plant is a bouquet-making machine, lending loads of long-stemmed beauties clothed with grey-green leaves.

It’s only right that the Miranda Lambert rose turns heads with its phenomenal fragrance, big blossoms, and vibrant pink color. This old-fashioned flower is packed with petals, inviting you to bury your nose for a full whiff.

Perhaps the only thing prettier than the rose itself is the difference it makes in the world. With every purchase of the Miranda Lambert rose, a percentage of sales is donated to her MuttNation Foundation.

Certified Roses’ business office and one of its nurseries is located just south of Lindale. Guests are encouraged to stop and smell the Miranda Lambert roses they have planted just outside The Pink Pistol in downtown Lindale. Trust us, it’s worth the sniff.


The alluring fragrance of Miranda’s rose isn’t the only thing that’s in the Lindale air. There’s Texas music, too!

Lindale’s commitment to music is undeniable. That commitment, along with the success of our Hometown Girl, has turned our small town into the entertainment capitol of East Texas.

Lindale is both honored and proud to be the fifth city in Texas to earn the governor’s distinction of a Texas Music Friendly Community, coming in just after the big cities of Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Denton. Lindale is also proud to be the first Texas Music Friendly Community to be featured in Texas Music Magazine.

With this distinction, Lindale has become a country-music magnet of sorts, attracting musicians, artists and “Ran Fans” alike. With six different stages to choose from, Lindale’s Cannery Complex provides bands and audiences the perfect spot to sit and sing a spell.

Miranda’s Pink Pistol boutique offers a stage with space to host about 45 guests for an up-close and personal experience.

Fountain Stage, near the center of The Cannery Complex, hosts smaller bands to entertain guests as they shop and enjoy the East Texas sun.

Texas Music City Grill & Smokehouse has a stage and restaurant area that holds up to 500 people. It can host meetings, parties, and of course, concerts, as well as a recording studio. Regular bands are featured and perform for patrons while they enjoy great Texas food and spirits.

Pickers Pavillion<br>

Picker’s Pavilion is the more-than-100-year-old building used by the original cannery. The 10,000 square foot refurbished facility has retained its historic feel and can host up to 1,000 guests to enjoy music performed in one of East Texas’ most historic buildings.  

Stage at Darden Harvest Park<br>

The Cannery Stage is an outdoor complex offering a mid-sized stage area for bands to perform in front of crowds of up to 7,000 in its beautiful outdoor seating area. And, located in the heart of The Cannery and downtown Lindale, is Darden Harvest Park.

This city-owned 23-acre park offers plenty of nature and walking trails, but also is home to a music stage that can entertain crowds up to 10,000 strong.

If you think you’ve experienced the best Texas has to offer, pink again.


Miranda is no stranger to pink—and neither is Lindale! As we like to say, Lindale rolls out the “pink” carpet for our Hometown Girl.

No trip to Lindale is complete without a stop at The Pink Pistol, a one-of-a-kind store inspired by Miranda herself. Her hope was for her childhood hometown to experience a greater level of excitement and tourism. Mission accomplished.

The Pink Pistol is now a road trip destination visited by 20,000 tourists annually from around the globe. You can literally taste, see, smell, and hear Miranda’s life in the unique things this 6,000 square feet of shopping has to offer.

The Pink Pistol

Besides the Miranda artifact-filled walls, glitter, gifts, and souvenirs, your visit may also include a stroll through the Idyllwind boutique (Miranda’s clothing line), a made-to-order homemade ice cream float from the old-fashioned soda fountain, or a seat at the bar to taste and learn about Red 55 Wines, Miranda’s own Wine Line.

There is a reason that this family owned and operated boutique is a number one tourist attraction in East Texas. Put your boots on and come and see for yourself!


Friends and family, wine and music have always been at the heart of the Lambert family’s traditions. So, in 2006 the family launched the signature wines of Miranda Lambert to celebrate those traditions, with a collection inspired by Miranda’s multi-platinum, Grammy-winning music. “We ventured into the wine business on a lark,” says Rick Lambert.

Red 55 Wines

While Miranda toured with George Strait, Bev was asked by a California wine company founder to get his wine onto the tour. Of course, she agreed, but then said to herself, “Well, if I can get his wine on the tour… I should be getting my own wine on the tour!” After searching out a wine maker, the Lambert’s selected a family-owned winery in East Texas.

That’s when Red 55 Wines, named after Miranda’s 1955 Fire Engine Red Chevy Step-side pickup, took off. Offering 12 varietals, including a sparkling wine, their wines are now produced, cellared, bottled and shipped from a state-of-the-art winery located on the Lambert Family homestead.

The Hemmingway Room

Due to the popularity of Miranda and her vast fan base, Red 55 Wines has grown into a 7000+ cases per year wine company. Red 55 Wines are currently distributed in Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, and can be found in bars, restaurants (including fine dining), liquor stores and big box stores in each of these states. A listing of retailers, as well as their numerous awards, can be found on the Red 55 Winery Facebook page.

While in Lindale, the beautiful Hemmingway Tasting Room is a must for all wine-loving guests. Located inside The Pink Pistol, The Hemmingway Room is open daily for your sipping pleasure.


“When I leave this town… I just think, ‘I’m so glad I have this to come back to.’ The people will still be here, and they’ll be the same… I’ll always have a Home to come home to.”

Like Miranda says, Lindale is Home. But not just for locals. Lindale feels like Home to all who gather here, even if only for the weekend.

Old Mill Pond Museum is one Lindale locale that offers a homey feeling. Located on 20+ acres of wooded East Texas earth, the Museum features historical treasures and artifacts depicting early American life circa 1850 to 1950. Founder Bill Parrott created this place as a hobby and upon his passing, gifted his dream-come-true to the City of Lindale.

Families, friends, and neighbors are invited inside for an up-close look at various antiques and exhibits, or to enjoy a relaxing picnic by the pond.

Walking throughout the park, you’ll spot several interesting projects, like a restored old Model T, about 20 tractors that date all the way back to the era of Eli Whitney, a replica gas station, an impressively large, working water mill, and much more.

With free admission, plenty of parking and picnic tables to boot, Old Mill Pond is a great spot to stop when passing through the area. Or make it a destination and shoot the breeze with some of the friendly folks who run the place.

And while at the Old Mill Pond, be sure to visit Lindale’s General Store. Capturing all the Museum’s history in one location, the interior of the General Store was created from items found on the premises.

City employees built tables, shelves, wall hangings, lights, ornaments, and other unique pieces for the store using Museum displays and conversation pieces. The Store itself is worth the trip!

With the General Store’s wide variety of exclusive souvenirs and handmade items crafted by local artisans, guests are sure to carry a piece of Lindale home with them. Plus, all sales support the Museum, so every purchase comes right back Home to Lindale!

And Lindale guests can always take home a new love for the East Texas countryside.

The 170-acre Faulkner Park is one of the City’s most beautiful sites. Located just 4 miles north of town, guests are invited to “retreet” to our nature trails or follow the paved path around our scenic 15-acre lake.

Play at the lake, wet a hook, wander through the woods, or relax with some binoculars. Homefolk and guests alike love this peaceful East Texas get-away!

Tyler State Park

Folks can also take a break from busy at Tyler State Park. Just minutes from Lindale, this park features a cool, 64-acre spring-fed lake, 100-foot tall trees, and historic structures.


Whether road trippin’ or escaping the crazy, Lindale is the perfect place to kick back, take your boots off and be yourself. That’s what Miranda does when she’s here.

“I feel like the girls I’m singing to, or even the people listening are just people like me.”

So, come! Enjoy real Texas people in a real Texas hometown. Visit Lindale and let us entertain you!

And just so you know, fur-families are always welcome.

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