Falfurrias – The Land of Heart’s Delight

Falfurrias, Native Desert Flower

The City of Falfurrias is a popular tourist destination known for its excellent hunting spots and as a pit stop for travelers driving between San Antonio/Upper Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

The name Falfurrias pre-dates Anglo association with the area, and its derivation is uncertain. Some claim it’s a Lipan Indian word meaning “the land of Heart’s Delight”, it is also the Spanish name for a native desert flower.

The city’s founding and development were largely the efforts of Rio Grande Valley rancher Edward C. Lasater, famous for his creamery operation established in 1909, built from imported purebred Jersey dairy cattle eventually becoming what was said to be the largest Jersey herd in the world. Falfurrias butter is renowned.    

Tropical Trail, Falfurrias Heritage Museum, open-air milking site in early dairy days


Many visitors, however, commonly miss out on much of the history, arts and culture, sports and events, and exciting projects that the City of Falfurrias has to offer.


The City of Falfurrias boasts the presence of its local museum focusing on the rich history of Falfurrias, Texas, Brooks County, and South Texas. The Heritage Museum provides a variety of artifacts and historical staples sought by many history buffs and enthusiasts, including the renowned Texas Rangers and their roles in the Brooks County community in the Heritage Museum’s “Texas Ranger Room”.

Learn More Falfurrias History: https://falfurrias.us/history/


Arts and Culture

The City of Falfurrias has quite a presence of local artists, where murals covering historical figures such as those on the City of Falfurrias’ old Chamber of Commerce building have become popular places for tourists and picture-taking.

Sports and Events

The City of Falfurrias is home to the Ed Rachal Memorial Golf Course, a 9-hole public golf course, attracting many Winter Texans and visitors from all across the country. The golf course features a beautiful aquifer-fed pond filled with beautiful flora and fauna.

The City of Falfurrias is also well known for its baseball games with its large four-field baseball facility on the West Side of 281. The field is used by local Little League and baseball associations during baseball season, attracting many local and regional visitors.

The City also has many parks that are commonly used by residents, travelers, and tourists passing through our City to and from San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

Some Exciting Projects Coming in 2023

The City of Falfurrias has quite a few exciting projects entering 2023.

The Falfurrias – Economic Development Accelerator (F-EDA)

The City of Falfurrias is at the ending phase of its modern business incubator and workforce development center, the Falfurrias – Economic Development Accelerator (F-EDA). At the heart of Falfurrias, Texas, the City has acquired and revitalized 14,000 square feet of a 24,000 square-foot historic shopping center complex.

The developed portion of the complex will be outfitted with open coworking space for incoming businesses into the community, classrooms and a computer lab to provide community training and post-secondary educational opportunities, and industrial training space for advanced welding, 3-D printing, and additive manufacturing training.

The complex will be a modern space to hold conferences and training seminars and will be open to visitors and travelers seeking to participate in its programming and conferences.

Learn more: https://falfurrias.us/falfurrias-economic-development-accelerator/

The Quarter Food Truck Park

The City of Falfurrias has recently secured a grant through T-Mobile’s Hometown Grant Program, which is being used to build the City’s first food truck park. The food truck park will be outfitted with modern furniture and a customized steel pavilion for visitors and residents to enjoy food from a variety of food truck vendors, mixed drinks, yard games, and music!

Learn More: https://falfurrias.us/falfurrias-economic-development-accelerator/the-quarter-food-truck-park/

Hotels and Lodging

Visitors can enjoy their stay in Falfurrias, Texas by staying at some of our local hotels:

  • Antler’s Inn Motel
  • Budget Inn
  • Cabrera Hotel
  • Econo Lodge
  • SureStay Hotel by Best Western

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Learn more about the City of Falfurrias by visiting our website: falfurrias.us

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