Eagle Pass – The Best Border Town in Texas

The City of Eagle Pass

If you’re looking for a tranquil place to relax, do some shopping, play golf, and perhaps try your luck at a game of chance, Eagle Pass is the place for you. Located right on the Mexican border along the Rio Grande in Maverick County, Eagle Pass is a growing destination.  

The City of Eagle Pass – Economic Development Department recently announced three new hotel projects.

Arturo Marquez, Economic Development Director stated the arrival of “Home 2 Suites” “Hyatt” and “Hawthorne”/”La Quinta” to the area with a total private investment of $30 million.

Between all three new hotels, the City of Eagle Pass will gain 305 new rooms to boast a total of 1,398 rooms. The three projects will also create a total of 78 new jobs.

Solar Eclipse

Exciting things are happening in Eagle Pass, on April 8, 2024, Eagle Pass will be the first city in the United States to be on the path of totality for the Solar Eclipse.

The city is expecting thousands of visitors during that week as it ideally falls on the Annual Friendship Festival Week and the City of Eagle Pass is excited to soon announce its big plans for the festival. 


Sports are a draw to the City and since the grand opening of the Patsy Winn Sports Complex in 2021, the City of Eagle Pass is experiencing exponential growth in its tourism sector by hosting many tournaments such as the Babe Ruth League which brings in teams from across Texas, Mexico and beyond. In 2021, the City hosted a World Series tournament as well bringing in teams from all over the Country.

The Sports Complex offers state-of-the-art baseball, softball, soccer, and football fields for youth sports as well as tennis and basketball courts. The complex is free and open to the public when tournaments are not taking place on the fields.

Locals can take advantage of the facilities with the available batting cages and concession stands. As demand grew for the use of the sports complex, the City of Eagle Pass has since added a splash pad and is now finalizing the expansion of the parking area along with a walking trail. 

Also, located in Eagle Pass is the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino which brings in 10,000 visitors per week from cities like San Antonio, Laredo, Monterrey, and others. The Kickapoo offers live entertainment, award-winning restaurants, and frequent special gaming tournaments.

The recently installed murals by California Artist Victor Ving and art showings and events that occur at the City’s Arts & Culture Center downtown are a destination to be seen.

Another feather in their cap, is this year Eagle Pass was featured in the “Official Best of America” as the “Best Border Town in Texas” for 2022.

On the Border

Proximity to the border helped give rise to this vibrant city more than 150 years ago. Originally known as “Camp at Eagle Pass” – so named for the Rio Grande hillside’s resemblance to the wings of an eagle – the settlement began as a military installation known as Fort Duncan.

The fort offered protection to travelers between Mexico and the U.S. and those heading west for California. This helped the town thrive as a center for trade and commerce, which is why it’s no coincidence the famed Camino Real – the main north-south route between Mexico and Texas for 200 years – is located nearby.

Later, stock raising would become a dominant economic force, which made the area a popular target for cattle rustlers and outlaws in the years following the Civil War. The arrival of the railroad in the 1880’s restored law and order to the community and, with the advent of retailers on both sides of the border, the city soon became an international tourist destination. 

Duncan Park

Fort DuncanToday, the Fort Duncan Museum inside Fort Duncan Park memorializes the importance of the military presence in the creation of the city of Eagle Pass. The museum is located inside what was once the compound’s headquarters building, which has been restored along with several of the other buildings to its former glory to be a truly welcoming site for visitors. Fort Duncan Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and exhibits Native American, military, and local artifacts, and also includes a children’s library. Fort Duncan Park is just one of 16 lovely greenspaces in town where you can enjoy a picnic, walk or jog, skateboard, or simply relax.

Pack your bags for a trip to Eagle Pass for entertainment, sports, and Texas history- we look forward to greeting you!

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