Blanco, Texas is a unique and beautiful gem in the famous Texas Hill Country.  A small town with a big heart, Blanco is the perfect place to explore all of the best aspects of this part of Texas. 

Not only is Blanco just an hour away from the major metropolitan areas of Austin and San Antonio, but it’s under an hour away from some of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas. 

Blanco is a perfect place to create a home base for your Hill Country experience. Explore all that Blanco has to offer.   

The crowning jewel of this community is the Old Blanco County Courthouse.

Built in 1855 by renowned architect Frederick Ernst Ruffini, the Courthouse was only used for its original intention for a short four years, but this beauty has served the community, in a multitude of ways, ever since. 

Today, the Courthouse is the center point for community events including the annual Blanco Lavender Festival and monthly Blanco Market Day and serves as Blanco’s Visitor Center. 

Surrounding the beautiful Courthouse, the Blanco town square has shops and restaurants that will delight any visitor. 

Clothing, art, pottery, lavender products, and an incredible textile studio are just a few of the options. 

Settle down to a delicious meal afterward at any of the amazing restaurants, all within walking distance. 

Additional shops and restaurants and scattered throughout the city, so be sure to venture off the square to expand your experience.

The Blanco River meanders through the southern edge of town and is able to be fully enjoyed from within the Blanco State Park

While it is one of the state’s smallest parks, it is certainly one of the most picturesque. Located inside the city limits, visitors can get away from it all, while still having access to small-town amenities.  

The word “craft” takes on a whole new meaning in Blanco with the award-winning beer and spirit creators that call Blanco home. 

Real Ale Brewing Company is renowned for its delicious brews, brewed right here in Blanco and only available in Texas. 

A beautiful new beer garden is the perfect place to get to know the best of the Texas Craft Beer industry. 

Spirit in Blanco not only applies to the community, Real Spirits, Andalusia Whiskey, and Milam and Greene Whiskey offer their own unique takes on whiskies and even gin. 

You can make an entire day out of discovering new flavor profiles from some of the state’s most popular distillers.

The Blanco Buggy Barn Museum is home to over 200 unique buggies, carriages, and wagons dating back to the 1800s.  No two are the same and each one has its own story to tell.

The museum is dedicated to providing a unique educational opportunity to step back in time and learn about some of Texas’ pasts.  

Expansion of the museum’s collection and promoting the preservation of these modes of horse-drawn transportation in history are two of the museum’s primary goals. 

You can truly step back in time by visiting Pine-Moore Town after your museum tour.  A rendition of a true old west town, complete with a saloon and a chapel.  

Everyone should take some time to smell the flowers, and Blanco is home to one of the most amazing flower farms you are likely to come across. 

Arnosky Family Farm at the Big Blue Barn is a must-stop for any visitor to the area.  Acres upon acres of seasonal flowers beautify the landscape. 

There are cut flowers for purchase, as well as potted flowers and vegetable plants that vary depending on the season. 

The open-air barn allows you to take time to enjoy the landscape and a self-service payment system is uniquely “small town”.  

Be sure to make it out to the farm during the late fall for the amazing display of marigolds; a display so spectacular that it has spawned a new festival for Blanco, the Texas Marigold Festival in late October.

Clearly, there is a lot going on in this little town, so plan to stay a few days. There are options for every type of traveler when it comes to lodging. 

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If you need any assistance at all, call 830-833-5101 and the Chamber of Commerce can help you with your plans. 

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