AHLA 2017 Lodging Industry by the Numbers

The American Hotel & Lodging Association just released it’s 2017 Economic Impact Study conducted by Oxford Economics. The data reveals the hotel and lodging industry as a powerful driver of economic growth contributing over $540 billion dollars to the GDP, supporting millions of jobs and spurring dynamic community development.

The Texas hotel and lodging industry is:

  • 2nd only to California in number of occupied room nights annually
  • 2nd in the number of properties in the hotel industry
  • A close 3rd behind California in creating hospitality jobs

Texas contributes a healthy 13.6 billion to the GDP, an increase over last year.

These fact sheets were created from AHLA’s recent Economic Impact Study conducted by Oxford Economics. 

This is the most thorough economic impact analysis of the hotel and lodging industry to date. See the full national report in the attached file

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