10 Basic Requirements to Meet Your Hotel Guest Needs

10 Basic Requirements

Although most of these should be obvious, the new year is a good time to confirm that your hotel meets these 10 Basic Requirements to meet your hotel guest needs.

Sadly most guests aren’t likely to praise your perfection of the basics, but they will certainly share their experience with a dirty carpet, scratchy bedding or funky smell.

While you may have a lavish lobby or a large pool, you can’t overlook the important foundation of a comfortable visit.

From cleanliness to lighting, security to fragrance, check-in to internet services, we review the top basic things hoteliers need to master to keep guests happy.

Keep Your Hotel Clean

Cleanliness must be held at the highest standards. If budget restraints don’t allow for top-of-the-line bed linens, bath towels or other amenities, your hotel must still be clean.

Fears of superbugs, bed bugs, flu virus and more are top concerns of travelers. Hotel hygiene is your top priority. You must take serious steps to combat all potential hazards to your guests.

This not only includes bathrooms, bedding, and all public spaces but often-overlooked areas like remote controls, light switches, air vents, and door handles.

Hotel Security

Conde’ Nast Traveler notes that for many travelers hotel safety is the number one priority. For many travelers, your hotel is their home away from home.

Many hotels are providing personalized security for different guest profiles such as women, children and the elderly. This includes hallways, stairwells and parking lots.

See more here:  https://texaslodging.com/member-resources/guest-safety-and-security-resources/


Internet Access

This is not a luxury anymore. Wi-Fi access is expected in every service industry. Hoteliers must provide the highest level of connectivity and flexibility.

Charging for this service, or making difficult password processes, will only frustrate your guests. Internet access needs to be a simple and seamless experience.

Comfortable Bedding

Many guests book hotels based on their experience with or desire for comfortable bedding. At the end of the day, beds are one of the most important features in your hotel.

Make sure beds are properly positioned to allow for air circulation and accessibility.

Bathroom Plumbing

Do not take this one for granted. Guests expect clear, potable water from the sink, continuous hot running water with proper pressure in the shower, and a well-functioning toilet.

No strange noises. No leaks.

Attentive Phone Services

Each call should be properly assigned to a qualified agent who is able to answer a guest’s specific questions or concerns or forward them to the proper party.

Unanswered calls or misdirected transfers are a sure way to frustrate your guests.


Inadequate lighting in hotels is a very common issue. From bathrooms to bedside lamps to parking lots, poor lighting causes unnecessary hassle for your guests and may lessen their sense of security.

Make sure to review the functionality and accessibility of your hotel lighting.


The fragrance of your hotel is often the first, and sometimes the most lasting impression you make on your guests.

Most guests are surprisingly sensitive to bad smells like staleness, mildew, or lingering food aroma.  These can influence the perception of the quality and cleanliness of a lodging.

Take extra care to address your hotel fragrance–not too chemical smelling and not too pungent.  Especially the carpets and curtains. Fresh is best.

Great Dining Experience

Availability of food and beverages vary based on hotel’s service level, but even providing a simple breakfast every morning adds to your guest’s experience.

Food quality and availability is something every hotel should take into consideration. Even Trivago mentioned that “travelers are now choosing hotels exclusively for their food and food-focused guest experiences.”

Check-in, Check-out Experience

Hoteliers must focus on all points of the check-in/check-out experience to make it smooth, simple hassle-free for your guests.

Conde Nast Traveler Highlights these points:

  1. Clear direction: Guests should know what to do or where to go when they enter the hotel or visit the lobby.
  2. Convenience: Whether it is an iPad or a front desk agent, guests should have immediate access to a source that handles their check-in/check-out and any billing issues promptly.
  3. Consistency: No matter what the process of interaction, the hotel must be able to offer the exact same experience every single time so that the guest develops a sense of comfort and confidence with the hotel.

No matter what your hotel type, from luxury to budget, your hotel must meet these 10 basic needs.

There is a lot to consider this year in hotel innovation and new technology features, but make sure your foundation of the necessities is strong.



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