Procell by the Duracell Company

Did you know that today many facilities change batteries on a schedule to prevent device failure but by doing so they are usually throwing away power!

Procell InSite is a new disruptive innovation designed for the hospitality industry made by Procell, the professional brand of the Duracell company. It is a wireless device management system which allows facilities to connect their battery-operated devices to a single online system and track when batteries and other consumables need replacing. The hardware is installed in devices across your facilities which are then connected to a simple web-based dashboard integrating advanced analytics, predictive maintenance, and real-time operational management tools.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, businesses continuously strive for innovation to enhance operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and meet ESG goals. Procell InSite emerges as a pioneering solution, integrating cutting-edge technology to meet these demands. This comprehensive system offers a seamless approach to managing operational tasks, promoting environmental sustainability, and elevating the guest experience, making it a game-changer for hotels, entertainment venues, cruise ships and other hospitality enterprises.

Whether it’s battery waste, consumables, or labor inefficiencies, Procell InSite provides the necessary data to be a more efficient and responsible organization. Knowing when to maintain battery-operated devices will minimize device downtime and help you optimize the workforce so your staff can focus on more strategic tasks that enhance guest experiences and operational outcomes.

To truly understand the benefits of Procell InSite, we invite you to explore the personalized impact it can have on your own business through the Procell InSite Value Calculator.

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