The Benefits of Contactless Check-in

Value Add for Travelers

Even before the Covid pandemic, contactless check-in was a valued feature for travelers. 

Contactless check-in and communication allow hotels to adhere to socially distanced travel requirements, minimize touchpoints, increase staff efficiencies, enhance guest services, and offer greater opportunities for targeted marketing to guests. 

Contactless check-in consistently ranks at the top of customer satisfaction surveys. 

Reduces the Risk of Covid Transmission

Many hotels adopted contactless check-in over the past year, and while initially, travelers came to prefer it, more have come to expect it.

Not only does contactless check-in help travelers avoid unnecessary contact with other guests and staff, but it also minimizes the staff interactions with guests who might be traveling from high-exposure areas such as airports, taxis, and public transportation.

Also, technology that allows for contactless interactions aligns with current health and safety regulations.

Convenience for Guests & Hotel Staff

Self-check-ins create an easier experience for travelers. Guests can avoid the lobby line and check-in any time from anywhere with the convenience of their mobile devices. 

Mobile check-in allows hotels to send advance documentation, procedures, agreements, and options to gather digital signatures in advance, saving valuable time for travelers and staff.

Opens Opportunities for Direct Communication with Guests

Mobile check-ins open the widow for two-way communications. Hotels can send any Covid rules and regulations, services, cleaning schedules, pool, and gym info, check-out info links including room service menus directly to customers’ mobile phones, and any other hotel information. 

Improves Hotel Staff Efficiency

Mobile communications are easier to log, monitor and track. Communications can include links, maps, and menus, step-by-step tutorials, welcome videos, and more. All of this frees up reception time and improves the quality and efficiency of concierge experiences. 

Allows Hotels the Ability to Collect Better Data to Understand Your Guests 

With mobile access, guests can fill out forms, answer surveys or post important feedback to your portal where you can gather data into your CRM or marketing platforms.

This information is valuable for direct or personalized marketing for future stays, including the potential to promote spa offerings, event information and for generating advertising revenue with targeted restaurant, entertainment or shopping experiences. 


How to Implement Contactless Check-in

With the right technology, it’s fairly easy to implement contactless check-in, and the returns on investment are quick and easy to measure.

If you don’t have the budget to include the full experience including mobile keys and more, this contactless protocol can easily be done in phases.

If you are part of a larger PMS (Property Management System) you probably have access to built-in systems. But below please find a link to a compiled list of standalone options to consider. 

Once you’ve established your system, be sure to set up a detailed step-by-step communication plan for your guests and review your digital security protocols.

Touchless travel is here to stay, contactless check-in and communications clearly demonstrate to your guests that you take their health and safety seriously.


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