Texas Legislative Update THLAIt’s been another busy month in the 2019¬†session. We’ve organized the important legislation into these categories:

  • Short-term rentals.
  • Local hotel occupancy tax proposals: New uses of tax revenue, and new county hotel tax proposals. (We’ve listed the communities with local legislation on our site).
  • Tourism public improvement districts.
  • Convention center hotels.
  • State tourism funding.
  • School Start Date.

We are asking all THLA members to take a moment to review this list and the summaries of the important bills we are advocating for, on, or against. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Our next Industry Update, will include a summary of all bills we are tracking, such as employment law changes, property taxes, and more.

View the list of the proposed laws THLA is advocating for, on, or against, and our staff summaries here.

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