June 2020 update: Note that the below information is no longer up-to-date. Governor Abbott’s statewide emergency orders have largely superseded many of the local stay-at-home orders, and many local orders have been allowed to expire. This webpage remains active for historical documentation purposes, but the information on this webpage should not be relied upon as accurate.

Updated April 14, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, A number of Texas counties and cities are issuing shelter-in-place (or “remain at home”) orders, and we expect more to be issued in the coming hours and days.

Shelter-in-place orders prohibit the ability of the general public to travel within the restricted area, except to perform certain essential functions or tasks, such as obtaining food, medical services, working in an essential profession, etc.
THLA has been contacting local governments across the State and with the Governor’s Office to ensure that hotels will remain open to house guests. Stranded travelers, extended stay guests living in hotels, and individuals looking to stay somewhere to isolate themselves from household members all depend on hotels for temporary housing. 

Additionally, hotels are beginning to enter into arrangements with local hospitals, federal authorities, the State, military, hospitals, first responders, and more to help them serve and house COVID-19 quarantined or exposed individuals. 

For each of the shelter-in-place orders in effect as of publication, hotels may continue to operate as businesses essential to the health and safety of the community, and hotel employees may continue to travel from their residence to the hotel to perform work, unless specifically noted.
We are gathering as many local shelter-in-place orders as we can find.

Note this list may not be complete, as counties and cities continue to issue orders. If your area has gone under a shelter-in-place order but it is not listed here, please send Justin a brief note by email at , and we will update our list.

Additionally, here is a letter template you can download and adapt to provide notice to guests staying at your hotel property informing the guest that the area is under a shelter-in-place order. 

For hotel employees, you can adapt and provide this document indicating the employee is traveling from his/her own residence to the hotel to perform essential services.
These shelter-in-place orders apply in addition to Governor Abbott’s statewide executive order issued on March 19th, and revised on March 31st.  The most stringent provisions of both the statewide and local order will apply.  More information on Governor Abbott’s order is here.  If you have questions about the particular details of an order that apply to your operations, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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