Updated March 18, 2020

Texas Hotel & Lodging Association is in communication with the State of Texas and with local governments regarding the possibility of hotels entering into a lease or other occupancy agreement with the government during the response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

We are maintaining a list of hotel properties that be interested in entering into a contract or lease with the state or local government as part of the response to COVID-19.

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Additional information about our survey:

Question:  What is the nature of this potential lease of our hotel facilities?  Would such a lease provide housing to quarantined coronavirus individuals, or would it be to house first responders, emergency, or health care workers? 

Answer:  The nature of the lease will vary depending on the needs of each of your areas, and the program that is undertaken by local and state health officials in your area. 

In many cases, it may involve a request to house individuals who are being quarantined due to a pending coronavirus test or due to a positive coronavirus test. In other, but likely less frequent cases, it is possible the request to lease your facilities would be to provide housing to governmental and/or health care workers who are working in your area.  And the needs under this program are likely to evolve over time. 

Question:  Can you fill out the survey to have your property considered and then decide whether to participate based on what is being proposed for your property?

Answer:  Yes, the purpose of the notice and survey is to determine which Texas hotels are interested in this opportunity.  If you have a strong potential interest, you should consider filling out the survey and you can then decide whether to enter into such a lease based on what is being offered. 

Question:  Would our hotel employees be required to work at the hotel if we leased it out to a governmental entity? 

Answer: Generally no, hotel employees would not be required to work at a government leased facility.  We would anticipate that the government would provide its own staffing for the facilities but the actual terms for any such lease clearly outline how the facility would be staffed and maintained during this period. 

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