GSA Releases FY 2023 Per Diem Rates

The federal General Services Agency (GSA) just announced new federal lodging per diem rates for Fiscal Year 2023

(FY 2023) for cities across the nation, with the FY 2023 rates effective October 1, 2022.

Setting the FY 2023 per diem rates was particularly challenging for the GSA given the disruptions to the economy and the effect of the pandemic on the travel sector.  With THLA’s support, AHLA worked with GSA to ensure per diem rates would not decrease. 

Typically, GSA calculates per diems based on the average daily rate (ADR) from the previous fiscal year, less five percent. As a result of pandemic-related recovery, AHLA argued that rates for FY 2023 should not decrease, while allowing for increases where possible.



As a result, in Texas, statewide per diem rates in the CONUS area non-standard areas increased $2 to $98 per night for lodging, and several metro areas saw modest increases.

See the THLA chart of FY 2023 per diem rates for selected areas for a full comparison between FY 2022 and FY 2023:

See Rates

Additionally, you may visit the GSA’s webpage here (select “FY 2023” in the Fiscal Year drop-down menu).

$2 increase of the Federal CONUS Per Diem Rate

The “CONUS” rate is the default federal per diem rate for geographic areas that do not have a specific federal per diem rate set for that locale.  We are pleased to report that the federal CONUS per diem rate for lodging increased $2 to $98 per night for FY 2023 for federal government travelers.  The federal daily per diem rate for meals and incidental expenses will remain the same at $59.

State Government Travel

For Texas state government travel or Texas local government travel:

State and local government travel mirror the federal per diem rates.  This remains unchanged for FY 2023–follow the federal per diem rates (standard federal $98 CONUS and selected metro area rates).

More information from the Texas Comptroller is available here.

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