Extreme Winter Weather Tips and Strategies for Hotels

Prepare Your Property

In order to provide you helpful guidance for safeguarding your lodging properties from the bitterly cold conditions, below are some tips and strategies you can employ immediately to protect staff, guests, and many areas of your property.


Cover and insulate all pipes and ensure that your sprinkler systems stay warm enough. Wet fire sprinkler systems are particularly vulnerable. In the case of bursting pipes, all staff members should know where both the main water shutoff and fire sprinkler valves are located. As a best practice, leave water running on a slow drip near exterior walls.


Keep stairwells open and consider space heaters to keep pipes from freezing. Sprinkler systems are a primary concern since many of these wet systems are housed in the stairwell. Public area heating may need to be raised in order to compensate for the cold air moving through the stairwells.

Power Outages

A power line and generator beside snow-covered trees in Texas on January 2021.

Make sure that you have flashlights with fresh batteries as well as an ample supply of blankets. Generators should be readied and backup communications systems should be tested.


Be prepared for select staff to stay overnight Sunday night and possibly Monday, especially including a member of management, housekeeping, and maintenance.  Have non-perishable food and bottled water on hand for staff.

Hotels Shuttles

Check antifreeze and gasoline levels in transit shuttles. Make sure both are full so that you do not risk the unsafe operation of shuttles in hazardous driving conditions.


Ice/Snow On the Ground

Have plenty of ice melt/salt/sand on hand for sidewalks and parking lots. Have a snow shovel ready that can clear pathways and break up ice.  It is also advisable to place “wet floor” signs in high-traffic areas such as main sidewalks, entryways, and common areas.

Satellite Dishes

Note that snow/sleet may accumulate on satellite dishes. Such buildup may have to be cleared in order to ensure continued television use by guests.

Stay Informed

Finally, stay informed regarding the latest forecasts for your area. The National Weather Service or other reputable information resources are helpful outlets as you navigate extreme winter weather.

As always, THLA is here to support you however we can.  Please call our office at (512) 474-2996 if we can be of any assistance, and stay safe!

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