Texas Hotel & Lodging Association's mission is simple: THLA advocates for legislation, regulations, resources, and a business climate that will promote a strong, vibrant, and growing lodging and tourism industry within Texas. Our goal, both current and historic, is to promote and ensure the success of lodging industry operators.

We accomplish this goal through:

  • Passing needed legislation;
  • Killing detrimental bills that are proposed, advocating on regulatory issues at the federal, state, and local levels; and
  • Topical programming, educational events and written resources on all of the top issues facing lodging operators.

At the national level, THLA is proud to partner with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) to ensure that the Texas lodging industry is represented in Washington D.C.

Legislative Successes

  • The passing of the mixed beverage sales tax bill (HB 3572), saving the hotel industry hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes annually. 
  • Capping hotel occupancy tax rates statewide.
  • Securing $38 million in funding for state tourism promotion.
  • Preempting local governments from setting wage and hour standards for hotels and other private businesses.
  • Increasing the statewide per diem rate by an average of 27%.
  • Defeated all proposed legislation that would place burdens on employing hotel workers.

The 2015 Legislative Session

The Texas Legislative Session is well underway, and so far, over 1,200 bills have already been filed. By the Session's end, we expect over 6,000 bills will be filed. THLA reviews every bill for its effect on the Texas lodging industry, supporting positive bills and working with sponsors for amendments on those bills that would create challenges for the industry. We are also underway in making progress with our own legislative agenda.

Among the most important bills filed so far are those affecting the full funding for tourism promotion, the creation of tourism public improvement districts, the events trust fund, and school start dates.

View the THLA 2015 Mid-Session Legislative Update.

We will be back again next month for an update on our own bills' progress, as well as some predictions on the future of other bills that may affect our industry. Members can also follow bills we are tracking for themselves. The links on the list of bills take you to the live page for the bill, and we update the list of tracked bills itself every other week.

View list of bills we are tracking.