COMPASS Human Capital Advisors

COMPASS Human Capital Advisors is a boutique consultancy practice that guides companies to improved employee accountability and engagement.

Employee Accountability is gained when a committed employee responsibly contributes to the company’s growth and success through their work effort. To do so, COMPASS works with companies to design, build, and set a company direction, job design, and work processes to use as a basis for performance and talent approaches that drive employee accountability. Supporting areas that are developed include compensation planning, hiring process, and training.

Employee Engagement is when an employee is committed to their organization through a mutually aligned relationship. To do so, COMPASS works with companies to define their values, guiding work principles, and employment policies that are further communicated and reinforced to engage employees. Supporting areas that are developed include leadership development, employee relations, and workplace culture.

COMPASS Human Capital Advisors offers members a 10% discount when they engage in a monthly retainer or project.

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