Updated March 29, 2021

The American hotel industry released national protocols for industry-wide hotel cleaning and safety standards in response to COVID-19 last year.

One year into the pandemic, safety and cleanliness remain the top concerns for hotel guests and employees.

AHLA has released a new version of the Safe Stay protocols, which include:

  • Updated CDC guidance on employee vaccination resources, workplace health and safety, and indoor air quality information;  
  •  A Meetings and Events Checklist as a tool for long-term planning to ensure the best public health practices are utilized by businesses, organizations hosting future meetings and events; and 
  •  A Safe Stay One-Pager with an overview of the industry’s commitment to health and safety protocols for employees and guests. 

The protocols are laid out in four areas: employee and guest health, employees’ responsibilities, cleaning products and protocols, and physical distancing.

Importantly, the Safe Stay protocol is based on guidance from the Safe Stay Advisory Council, comprised of hotel industry leaders representing all segments of the hotel industry, including the top 25 hotel brands, ownership groups, and hotel management companies.

Safe Stay represents a level of focus and transparency for an industry already built on cleanliness. Hotels have always had rigorous standards for cleaning and safety. With Safe Stay, we are enhancing these standards to boost consumer confidence and doing so in accordance with guidance issued by public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Download the Updated Safe Stay initiative in English and in Spanish.

In addition to the updated protocols, AHLA released a new tool, the Safe Stay Indoor Air Quality Checklist. This checklist provides industry best practices for hoteliers to ensure ventilation systems provide acceptable indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality measures have never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to face coverings, physical distancing, and hand hygiene and disinfecting protocols, strong air ventilation and air quality is key for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

AHLA has also developed a Safe Stay Indoor Air Quality Resources webpage that provides detailed research, articles and fact sheets providing the most-up-date information from industry leaders and public health organizations, on this critical public health topic.  

The vaccination distribution effort is well underway nationwide, and AHLA has developed additional resources to raise awareness with employees on the importance of getting vaccinated. Please view their FAQ- COVID-19 Vaccination in the Workplace resource to start the conversation.

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