Converge On The Capitol- Attendee Materials

Thursday, February 16th in Austin

Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Converge on the Capitol. Below you will find your participant packet with one pagers.

Feel free to print this information should you want to bring a physical copy with you. You will also be able to view your district’s specific tourism stats (below). Search by your legislator district number to access or use the search tool.

Documents to View or Download & Print

Full Packet (Minus tourism stats. You will find those below.)

Converge on the Capitol Agenda

Meeting with your Texas Legislators

State Tourism Funding

Dedicated Hotel Occupancy Tax

School Start Date

Map of the Capitol

View or Print Your Representative Tourism Stats

Find Your Legislator

View all Senate Members

View all House Members

Search for your legislators by entering your business street address and zip.