Author: Garrett Coppedge

The Corporate Transparency Act and its Implications for Hotel Owners in Texas

February, 27 2024

A new federal law, the Corporate Transparency Act, recently went into effect as of January 1, 2024, and has serious implications for many hotel owners across Texas.

Major Issues we are Tracking

April, 27 2023

The 88th Session of the Texas Legislature is well underway. Of the 500 plus bills being tracked by THLA, the most critical relate to short-term rentals, labor and employment, hotel occupancy tax, and property tax.

Supreme Court ruling upholds cities’ ability to regulate advertising signage

April, 26 2022

City regulations governing business signage have a big impact on hotel construction, remodeling, and general operations. 

Tax season

Is tax included with that? A hotel tax and sales guide

May, 9 2020

THLA has an easy-to-use chart that covers virtually every type of charge a hotel might charge a guest, and information about which tax (if any) applies.