Cleburne-This is Texas!

Travel in any direction in Texas and you will find diversity and history. Cleburne is no exception. Its origin and growth can be attributed to its role as a crossroads and transportation center. The city formed because it had an excellent water source on West Buffalo Creek that attracted travelers, including cattlemen from the nearby Chisholm Trail. Whether you’re in town to experience the art of blacksmithing at an outdoor ranch or see original costumes from Gone With the Wind, you need to get to Cleburne.

Arts & Culture

Cleburne’s historical and cultural museums are a big attraction in this city. The Chisholm Trail Museum is alive with the blacksmith shop. Be sure to get a docent to tell you more about the Chisholm Trail and the history of Johnson County.  Another great way to get a sense of Texas’ history is to spend the afternoon at the Layland Museum on North Caddo Street. The museum’s study of regional home and family life is presented in three galleries. Shelter, food-ways, clothing, art and craft, transportation, and leisure are topics discussed in demonstrated exhibits in the form of artifacts, graphics, and text.

If you happen to have a love of classic movies, Gone with the Wind Remembered Museum contains one of the most comprehensive and extensive GWTW collections. The museum houses not only the typical auction house memorabilia, but also a number of one-of-a-kind and extremely rare pieces that are not found in other collections. Over 6,000 historical pieces are in state-of-the-art, climate controlled displays, and the entrance to the museum is a replica of the Tara door.



Live Entertainment

Cleburne has a vibrant entertainment scene. Every weekend you will find some form of entertainment from Broadway musicals, comedies, dramas, to live music. Named one of the best theaters in the DFW area, Plaza Theater Company attracts visitors from all over the nation. Songbird Live is an intimate setting located downtown- a speedy drive of only 20 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth. You can gallop or mosey, but Cleburne's Songbird Live Theatre is well worth the trail drive!



Family Fun

If the outdoors and nature are on your list be sure to visit Cleburne State Park. Secluded with lots of open spaces, Cleburne State Park has a lake, trails, screened shelters, and camping areas available for visitors. Fishing, boating, swimming, mountain biking, wildlife viewing and photography are popular activities at this state park.

Getting Here & Planning Your Trip

Cleburne is just a short drive southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Cleburne also  has a regional airport for those who want to get there faster.Ready to plan your Cleburne trip? Check out or call 817-645-8455 to partner with the city’s experts!