Trending in 2017

You need to work a little harder for your lodging to stand out amid all the static.

Video, photography, mobile accessibility and membership perks are your best bets for grabbing and keeping attention.

81% of people navigating hotel websites abandon the booking engine without a transaction because of an inferior website experience—including functionality issues, not enough information, or cheaper rates on third-party sites.

The most trafficked page on lodging websites is the accommodation page. People want to see what their room, suite or corporate apartment looks like. Spend a little extra and keep them engaged and informed with well-produced video, quality professional photography and accommodation details.

Many travelers make plans on the fly and need a fully accessible mobile experience. Make sure your mobile functionality delivers.

Entice with membership benefits that includes points, upgrades, free wi-fi and other perks like fast check-in or extended check-out for a better chance of direct booking.

Focus on a book direct strategy for 2017.

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