Texas hoteliers should pay close attention to your U.S. mailbox and email inbox in May for a letter from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) regarding the completion of an Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) report.

The hotel industry is facing a critical labor shortage, and the OES report is used to develop information regarding current and projected employment needs and job opportunities. The OES report is frequently cited as the most popular labor market information program within Texas.

This data is used in the production of State education and workforce development plan, and helps identify industries that employ the skills gained by enrollees in career-technical training programs. It also serves as primary inputs into occupational information systems designed for those who are exploring career opportunities or assisting others in career decision making.

Finally, the data is used by workforce investment boards and economic development programs to attract businesses and it provides information on labor availability by the industry as well as average wages.

If you receive this letter, our industry needs you to participate. Please complete it as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

The letter you will receive will explain how to complete the report, and you can do so online, by email, or by phone. Include the range of employment opportunities our industry offers and the average wage for each position. It is imperative that this report is completed accurately to display the high wage, high career opportunities available in our thriving industry.

An example of the letter and report can be viewed below. Feel free to contact us at 512-474-2996 if you have any questions.

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