Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer travel, and while high gas prices, rising airfare, and inflation may cause travelers to adjust their plans, they will travel this summer.

After two years of missed weddings, graduations, reunions, outbound adventures, romantic getaways, or family vacations, most of us are ready to get out.

A  survey by TripIt from Concur notes for 2022, 73% of Americans have flown or will fly, and 60% will take a road trip,  by the end of June (with some overlap doing both).*

Many travelers have held out for summer and some are making up for lost time planning longer or multiple trips.

Here’s what’s trending in summer travel 2022:

Family Travel

We’ve missed our people – our friends, our family, and our special occasions. The numbers on multi-generational family trips are way up which means hotels should consider offering or promoting family sleeping options like cribs or fold-out couches and connecting rooms, childcare options, kid clubs, or adventure packages.

All-inclusive resorts offering childcare, kid’s clubs, fishing tours, adventure, spa, and golf packages are also in high demand.

Cities are Back

Big city travel slowed to a crawl during the pandemic, but with the continued success and availability of vaccine roll-outs Covid fears are subsiding and travelers are craving culture. 

Demand for fine dining, nightlife, the arts, and entertainment of the city is soaring, and many hotels are rolling out the red carpets.

Many hotels offer some sweet summer deals, be sure to stay competitive.

Active Travel 

Travelers are emerging from the lockdown itching for activity and adventure including cycling, hiking, kayaking, sailing, fishing, horseback riding, ziplining, and more. 

Holding out for Summer

Many travelers have held out for summer, and hotels can expect a surge in leisure travel over the next few months. While many will flock to top destinations like beaches, lakes, cities, and national or state parks, others will seek out the charming wineries or breweries.

Some visits will be planned, but many will be last-minute. Many are planning longer vacations and some travelers anticipate multiple getaways. Make sure your accommodations and amenities appeal to all. 

People Still Prefer Privacy

While travelers are raring to go, Covid worry still lingers. Socially distant options are still in demand. Private boat or yacht excursions, personalized fishing guides, private villas, and cabins are popular amenities. If you offer these, promote them. 



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