Short Course Alumni – Meet Quinn Bussey

This quarter we catch up with General Manager & 2012 alumni, Quinn Bussey.

Quinn shared with us a brief look into his career and what short course meant to him.

Quinn has been with Landry’s for almost nine years, previously with the Ritz Carlton. Quinn was recruited as Director of Guest Services and climbed the ladder to where he is now. “Landry’s is very unique as we are a restaurant company but service driven. Our ownership Mr. Fertitta as well as VP of hospitality, Mr. Paul Schultz are very passionate about service and they deliver clear direction, take care of the guest, and don’t say no.”

Over the years I have learned a great deal in leadership, setting obtainable goals, accountability, and progressive thinking that keep us on our toes over our competition” states Quinn.

Quinn Bussey

Fast Facts:

What is your name and job title?

Quinn Bussey-General Manager Holiday Inn Resort-Galveston on the Beach

How long have you been with this brand or company?

Landry’s Hotel Division- 9 years in July

What was your first hotel industry job?


What is your hometown?

Grand Junction, CO

What would you say are hotel must- haves?

Service, service, service…without the ladies and gentlemen the hotel is essentially a shell, the associates make it come to life.

What is the best advice you ever received?

If you are having a bad day fake it. Your guests and associates look at you every day. You set the tone of how the day and your hotel should be perceived. A manager fears for someone to take his job, a leader wants someone to take his job.

Who invested in you attending Short Course?

Galveston Hotel & Lodging Association sponsored me- representing Landry’s.

What inspires you?

Seeing a plan you create, put in play, and watching it come to fruition.  

Who do you look up to at work?

My associates and the hard work they put in as they make me look good. I once did those jobs and hard work does pay off.

How has attending Short Course influenced your job?

Never stop learning. The hospitality industry is always evolving and you have to evolve with change. If not you will become stagnate, continuous learning is key.  

What was your most memorable moment at Short Course?

The group presentation on the last day. Showing we all came together as a team to complete a task.

What advice do you have for those who are in our industry?

This industry demands a lot. Be patience, be organized, and have good communication. More importantly have balance. If you don’t make time for you, family, friends, to some it can become overwhelming.

Why would you recommend others to attend Short Course?  

Continuous learning, networking, and team building.

What’s next?

GM of a bigger property, VP of Landry’s hospitality division.

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