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Firearms: How Texas’s New Open Carry Law Affects Your Lodging Property

This webinar covers the open carrying of firearms which will become the law of the Lone Star State on January 1, 2016. In this webinar,Justin Bragiel, THLA’s General Counsel, covers the legal implications of this new open carry law, how the law affects Texas’s current concealed carry law, and discusses firearms policies for guests and employees. You can listen to the webinar and download the slides from the presentation here.

Federal Wage and Hour Law Issues for Lodging Properties

THLA's attorneys address the best ways to avoid common wage and hour pitfalls in the hospitality industry. Webinar topics include: Overtime Requirements, Minimum Wage, Tip-Credit Issues, Timekeeping Procedures, Classification of Exempt Employees, Independent Contractors, and More!

Hotel Group Sales Contracts

This webinar with Steve Rudner, the industry leader on group sales contracts, covers avoiding costly contractual mistakes regarding renovation and construction; understanding indemnification and limitation of liability clauses; tips for handling confidentiality clauses; collecting on attrition charges; avoiding pitfalls such as giving credit for rooms resold, and more!

DOL Rule Change Webinar

This webinar covers the Department of Labor’s new rules regarding overtime exemptions that go into effect December 1, 2016. Topics covered in this webinar include: the new minimum salary requirements; how bonuses factor in; methods of complying with the new rule; timelines for roll-out; avoiding potential liability; and more!