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Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Chart

THLA has created this simple and easy-to-use guide to Hotel Occupancy Tax exemptions. Download and print it by clicking the title link above.

Hotel Tax- Guest’s Notice of Intent to Stay for More Than 30 Consecutive Days

Texas state law allows for a “permanent resident” hotel occupancy tax exemption for hotel guests who provide the lodging property with written notice that the guest intends to stay for more than 30 consecutive days. By signing this notice, the guest will be eligible for a “permanent resident” hotel occupancy tax exemption from the date notice is given.

Hotel Tax- Permanent Resident Exemption Form

If, in advance or upon check-in, the guest provides notice to a hotel of intent to occupy a guest room for 30 days or longer, no hotel tax is due for any part of a guest’s stay. A signed registration card or confirmed reservation indicating a guest’s intent to occupy a room for 30 days or longer is sufficient written evidence. Additionally, the hotel may complete the following form, have the guest sign, and retain this form on file at the property.

Hotel Tax- Permanent Resident FAQ

There are often questions about whether the permanent resident exemption to the state and local hotel occupancy tax applies to a given situation, and at what point in time the guest becomes tax exempt. This FAQ provides hoteliers with answers to their most frequent questions on the “30-Day Exemption.”

THLA’s Guide to Mixed Beverage Sales Tax

THLA created this simple guide to help hoteliers to understand the mixed beverage gross receipts tax (MB-GRT) and the mixed beverage sales tax (MB-ST).

Simple Steps to Property Tax Reductions for Hotel Owners

Understanding the common mistakes and misconceptions of appraisal districts can help hotel owners develop arguments for lower property tax valuations. This guide is designed specifically for hoteliers to navigate the the complicated process of property tax appraisals and reductions.

Is Tax Included with That?

Sales tax. Hotel occupancy tax. Mixed beverage tax. Determining which taxes apply to a particular hotel charge becomes confusing very quickly so THLA created this guide to help hoteliers.

2016 Per Diem Rates

The federal General Services Agency (GSA) announced new increased federal per diem lodging rates for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY 2016) for cities across the nation, effective October 1, 2015. This resource allows you to easily view the 2016 rates.