Member Resources

Members of the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association have exclusive access to all of our online resources. To request your login information, call us at 512-474-2996.

Room Rate Cards

Download and print the required room rate card to be posted on the back of each hotel room door here.

Sample Swimming Pool Rules

We have put together a sample set of swimming pool rules that you can post at your lodging property.

Pool Lift Signage for Lodging Properties

Lodging properties installing pool lifts can follow these steps when posting warnings at their pools and spas.

Spa Signage Requirements

THLA has complied a list of requirements that apply to signs posted at your lodging property's spa.

Sample Hotel Policy on Openly Carried Firearms

You can post this document at your lodging property to alert guests to your policy on openly carried firearms.

Sample Employee Firearms Policy

Print and post this document so that your employees are aware of your firearm policy.

Employment Law Posters

THLA maintains an up-to-date ZIP file of necessary employment law posters.