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End of year cleaning - How long to keep that file

How long to keep files

ADA Service Animals Guide

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ADA Guest Room Count

This resource provides a direct download of the ADA's Guide to Guest Room Counts.

ADA Service Animals Guide

THLA has put together a brief Q&A resource to help you better understand the ADA's rules that apply to service animals at lodging properties.

ADA Title III 2010 Standards

In 2010, the DOJ revised the Title III regulations for the first time since 1991, and the new standards are referred to as the 2010 Standards. Lodging operators must comply with the 2010 Standards found here.

Industry Update Newsletter Archive

THLA's Industry Update is the leading source for news about the Texas lodging industry. This monthly newsletter alerts THLA members to important legislative updates, upcoming events, operational advice from industry leaders, and more! Contact Monica at to be added to our mailing list.

Frequently Asked Legal Questions and Answers

We have compiled a list of the questions that our members ask us the most and provided answers direct from THLA's expert legal team. This is a great resource to have on hand at all times and you can read, download and print it by clicking the title link above. Topics include: Child Labor Laws, Evicting a Guest, Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay Issues, Renting Rooms to Minors, and More!

Room Rate Cards

Download and print the required room rate card to be posted on the back of each hotel room door here.

Sample Swimming Pool Rules

We have put together a sample set of swimming pool rules that you can post at your lodging property.

Pool Lift Signage for Lodging Properties

Lodging properties installing pool lifts can follow these steps when posting warnings at their pools and spas.

Spa Signage Requirements

THLA has complied a list of requirements that apply to signs posted at your lodging property's spa.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Chart

THLA has created this simple and easy-to-use guide to Hotel Occupancy Tax exemptions. Download and print it by clicking the title link above.

Hotel Tax- Guest’s Notice of Intent to Stay for More Than 30 Consecutive Days

Texas state law allows for a “permanent resident” hotel occupancy tax exemption for hotel guests who provide the lodging property with written notice that the guest intends to stay for more than 30 consecutive days. By signing this notice, the guest will be eligible for a “permanent resident” hotel occupancy tax exemption from the date notice is given.

Hotel Tax- Permanent Resident Exemption Form

If, in advance or upon check-in, the guest provides notice to a hotel of intent to occupy a guest room for 30 days or longer, no hotel tax is due for any part of a guest’s stay. A signed registration card or confirmed reservation indicating a guest’s intent to occupy a room for 30 days or longer is sufficient written evidence. Additionally, the hotel may complete the following form, have the guest sign, and retain this form on file at the property.

Hotel Tax- Permanent Resident FAQ

There are often questions about whether the permanent resident exemption to the state and local hotel occupancy tax applies to a given situation, and at what point in time the guest becomes tax exempt. This FAQ provides hoteliers with answers to their most frequent questions on the “30-Day Exemption.”

Local Hotel Associations

THLA is proud to work with local hotel associations across Texas.

THLA’s Guide to Mixed Beverage Sales Tax

THLA created this simple guide to help hoteliers to understand the mixed beverage gross receipts tax (MB-GRT) and the mixed beverage sales tax (MB-ST).

Simple Steps to Property Tax Reductions for Hotel Owners

Understanding the common mistakes and misconceptions of appraisal districts can help hotel owners develop arguments for lower property tax valuations. This guide is designed specifically for hoteliers to navigate the the complicated process of property tax appraisals and reductions.

Is Tax Included with That?

Sales tax. Hotel occupancy tax. Mixed beverage tax. Determining which taxes apply to a particular hotel charge becomes confusing very quickly so THLA created this guide to help hoteliers.

2013 Hotel Occupancy Tax Rates for Texas Cities

HOT Use Application Form

Affordable Care Act

Learn about your responsibility as a hotelier under the new national healthcare act.

THLA’s Vendor Guide

THLA is proud to partner with the companies in our Vendor Guide that offer the finest products and services to the hospitality industry. Many of these companies offer special rates and discounts exclusively to THLA members. Shop here and save!

HCareers Hospitality Job Bank

Search hundreds of hotel and hospitality jobs across Texas, or post an available position. THLA members receive an exclusive 20% discount on job postings.

Guest Safety Tips

A great resource from the American Hotel & Lodging Association that can help keep your guests safe.

Safety Tips for Guests Traveling with Children

Another useful tools from the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Letter to Send to Hoteliers- HOT Reminder

Letter to Hoteliers- Unpaid Taxes

HOT Post Event Form

Sample HOT Funding Approval Letter

Sample HOT Funding Denial Letter

What Cities Need to Know to About the Local Hotel Occupancy Tax

This is absolutely the best resource available for cities looking to learn more about how to properly administer the local hotel occupancy tax.

What Counties Nees to Know to Administer the Local Hotel Occupancy Tax

If you are a county looking for more information about how to collect and use local HOT funds, look no further than THLA's exclusive guide available here.

Be Prepared for Flu, Ebola, and Other Diseases

Hotels can help reduce the spread of the flu and other illnesses by taking these steps.

Bloodborne Pathogens Model Plan from OSHA

Download and print this informative booklet from OSHA which includes a model exposure control plan and model hazard communication program.

Dialing 911 From Hotel Rooms

Make sure your hotel property telephones can reach emergency services directly.

Disaster Preparedness

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and more... is your property ready if a disaster strikes?

Steps to Keeping Your Pool Area Safe

While your guests enjoy the pool, make sure you are avoiding potential liability and staying compliant with local, state, and federal law. Here are some tips to minimize and prevent pool and spa-related injuries, in addition to some information on what Texas law requires.

Reducing Premises Liability

It is the phone call every manager or property owner dreads receiving: a guest slipped and fell at the property, and surely a lawsuit must be imminent. However, property owners are not liable in every situation, and exposure can be reduced by taking responsible and reasonable precautions before and after an injury occurs.

Adaptations for Pregnant Employees

Learn more about the accommodations that you have to make for an employee who just informed you that she is pregnant.

Child Labor Laws

We often receive calls from lodging operators inquiring about the laws and regulations pertaining to employing youths as part-time workers. Download this guide to learn more.

Fair Labor Standards Act FAQ

THLA receives a great deal of questions from lodging operators regarding minimum wage and overtime for employees. Download this Q&A which addresses the most common questions we receive.

Independent Contractor Vs. Employee

Federal and state law presumes an individual is an employee rather than an independent contractor. Use this guide to find out which factors the courts have held to be determinative to overcome this presumption.

Interview Questions to Avoid

Download this guide of important questions to avoid the next time you are conducting an interview.

IRS Guidelines on Tipping

In 2014, the IRS began enforcing new rules for automatic gratuities added to guests' bills for food service. This article can help ensure that you are following the proper guidelines.

Minimum Wage and Overtime FAQ

THLA receives a great deal of questions from lodging operators regarding minimum wage and overtime for employees. This Q&A addresses the most common questions we receive.

Sample Offer Letter

This sample letter can be a valuable resource when extending an offer to someone.

Sample Social Media Policy

Hotels often want to have a social media policy for their employee. Having such a policy is a good idea, but employers must be careful to when implementing a policy, as certain employee activity is legally protected.

Workplace Appearance Standards

Find out what rights employers have to set standards for appropriate workplace dress codes.

Texas’s Firearm Policy- Open Carry

Use this guide to understand the firearm policy in Texas and what notifications you need to post for your guests and employees.

What to do with Found Property

THLA members often contact us with questions about how to handle items that are found on the hotel property. This article addresses the legal status of found property, and offers some guidance on what lodging properties should do with found property.

Alcohol Sales Policies

It is always an excellent idea to review your lodging property’s alcoholic beverage service policies to ensure compliance with Texas law. 

A guide to Renting Rooms to Minors and Underage Drinking

Lodging operators often call us with questions about handling underage guests. This Q&A explains the law on renting to individuals who are under 18 or 21, and provides some best practices to avoid liability.

What to do When Guests Overstay Their Welcome

Lodging operators frequently contact us with questions about what to do when transient guests refuse to check out as scheduled. We designed this guide to help you handle these situations.

A Guide to Gift Certificates

Learn about setting expiration dates on paper and electronic gift certificates.

A Guide to Record Retention

"How long do I need to keep this?" is a question we hear a lot. This resource outlines how long you need to keep important documents on hand.

Copyright Licensing- ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC

This guide covers everything you need to know about licensing requirements.

Sample Hotel Policy on Openly Carried Firearms

You can post this document at your lodging property to alert guests to your policy on openly carried firearms.

Sample Employee Firearms Policy

Print and post this document so that your employees are aware of your firearm policy.

Firearms: How Texas’s New Open Carry Law Affects Your Lodging Property

This webinar covers the open carrying of firearms which will become the law of the Lone Star State on January 1, 2016. In this webinar,Justin Bragiel, THLA’s General Counsel, covers the legal implications of this new open carry law, how the law affects Texas’s current concealed carry law, and discusses firearms policies for guests and employees. You can listen to the webinar and download the slides from the presentation here.

2016 Per Diem Rates

The federal General Services Agency (GSA) announced new increased federal per diem lodging rates for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY 2016) for cities across the nation, effective October 1, 2015. This resource allows you to easily view the 2016 rates.

Federal Wage and Hour Law Issues for Lodging Properties

THLA's attorneys address the best ways to avoid common wage and hour pitfalls in the hospitality industry. Webinar topics include: Overtime Requirements, Minimum Wage, Tip-Credit Issues, Timekeeping Procedures, Classification of Exempt Employees, Independent Contractors, and More!

Hotel Group Sales Contracts

This webinar with Steve Rudner, the industry leader on group sales contracts, covers avoiding costly contractual mistakes regarding renovation and construction; understanding indemnification and limitation of liability clauses; tips for handling confidentiality clauses; collecting on attrition charges; avoiding pitfalls such as giving credit for rooms resold, and more!

DOL Rule Change Webinar

This webinar covers the Department of Labor’s new rules regarding overtime exemptions that go into effect December 1, 2016. Topics covered in this webinar include: the new minimum salary requirements; how bonuses factor in; methods of complying with the new rule; timelines for roll-out; avoiding potential liability; and more!

Employment Law Posters

THLA maintains an up-to-date ZIP file of necessary employment law posters.

Recognize the Signs of Human Trafficking

Train your staff on recognizing the signs of human trafficking. Resources.

Announcement from THLA’s partner, Source Strategies, Inc.:  NEW & FREE: Texas Hotel Markets Report

Texas Hotel Markets Report Download

Announcement from THLA’s partner, Source Strategies, Inc.:  NEW & FREE: Texas Hotel Markets Report

Texas Hotel Markets Report Download

THLA Tips - Up your Tech Game

Technology upgrades for the Texas Hotel Industry