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GSA releases FY 2024 per diem rates

August, 17 2023

The federal General Services Agency (GSA) just announced new federal lodging per diem rates for Fiscal Year 2024

Geopolitical Turmoil’s Impact on the Tourism Industry

November, 29 2023

Geopolitical turmoil impacts the tourism industry both directly and indirectly. While Texas is relatively unaffected by recent conflicts, there are reasons to stay vigilant.

The Growth of Mid-Market Hotels

October, 31 2023

Mid-market, or ‘Premium Economy’ hotels are on the rise. In the past, hotels have been been categorized as either luxury or budget hotels, but with the growing demands and desires of travelers wanting more comfort and amenities without extravagant spending, many hotels are finding a sweet spot in the middle. 

Cedar Hill – Scenic City

October, 30 2023

Cedar Hill offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, a nature enthusiast’s destination for hiking, biking, boating, birding and camping, incredible shopping, and diverse dining. Visit scenic Cedar Hill, a thriving city in a picturesque park setting.

THLA Released a Collection of Education Partnership Resources

October, 30 2023

THLA resources are developed to serve as a timesaving starting place for Texas hoteliers

The Texas Legislature Passed Property Tax Relief July 2023

October, 27 2023

Property taxes are a major line-item expense for hotel owners, and the Texas legislature was primed to take up property tax relief this year.

Judging CTSO Competitions Offer Business Benefits

September, 28 2023

In Texas, there are several CTSOs that foster and develop skills that prepare students for success in the hotel industry.

Chatbots and the Hospitality Industry

September, 27 2023

Chatbots are computer programs that can help hotels improve their customer experience and reduce costs and workloads on human customer service representatives

Industry Icon Bill Kirk’s Passing

September, 27 2023

Texas hospitality icon Bill Kirk passed away.

Alpine Texas, the Eden of the West

September, 27 2023

Alpine is nestled in a valley surrounded by the foothils of the Davis and Glass Mountains, with grand vistas and stunning mountain landscapes. Explore Alpine!

The Hotel Industry and Climate Change

August, 31 2023

The hospitality industry is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Rising sea levels threaten coastal resorts and hotels, snow melt affects mountain destinations, heat, and drought are changing eco-tourism.

The Role Of High School Partnerships And Future Leaders

August, 29 2023

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Digital Marketing for Hotels 2023 – UX, VR, AI, and Other Acronyms

July, 27 2023

The digital marketing landscape changes constantly and the perpetual motion of digital media can make it hard to find your footing. Here are some recommendations for how hotels can utilize better UX, VR and AI

Llano- Living Like a Local

July, 26 2023

A river runs through it. Kayak among the granite boulders on the Llano River, stroll the accredited Main Street City, enjoy the many Festivals. Live like a Local in Llano!

The Texas Legislature Finally Passes Property Tax Reform

July, 14 2023

The historic $18 billion tax cut is funded from the state’s budget surplus, and it will have a substantial positive effect on Texas lodging property owners.

Will Texas Actually Reform Property Taxes?

June, 29 2023

Property taxes are high in Texas. With a record state budget surplus, hotel owners are asking ‘What does Texas plan to do to ease their property tax burden?’

Daycations – How Hotels can Generate Revenue with Day Passes

June, 29 2023

Many hotels, resorts, and lodgings open their pools, spas, and other amenities for Daycations by offering day passes. See how Hotels can generate extra revenue with these day passes.

THLA Summer Camp Success Story – Mohamed Moussaid

June, 28 2023

THLA Hotel Summer Camp Success Story, meet Mohamed Moussaid!

Hurricane Preparedness for Hotels

June, 28 2023

Hurricane season officially began June 1st and will last to November 30th. During hurricane season you should regularly monitor your preparedness.

Huntsville Texas – a Charming Blend of History and Nature

June, 26 2023

Huntsville is a captivating city nestled in the Piney Woods just 70 miles north of Houston. With a rich history, scenic landscapes, and a vibrant community, Huntsville offers visitors an extraordinary blend of charm, culture, and natural beauty.

Room Pricing During an Emergency

June, 6 2023

For Texas lodging operators, we advise that a hotel not raise its rates to levels that are higher than the rates the hotel would normally charge for that level of occupancy when there is not an emergency.

2023 End of Session Report

June, 1 2023

The 2023 Legislative Session produced very important results for the Texas lodging industry, but it’s not over just yet. A special session has been ordered. Read our Texas Legislature End of Session Report.

Dog Days of Summer and Pet-Friendly Hotels

May, 31 2023

Pandemic Pets are hitting the road (with their people of course). Pet-Welcoming Hotels are offering perks.

Dalhart, Wide Open Spaces

May, 31 2023

Located 83 miles northwest of Amarillo in the far northwestern corner of the Texas Panhandle, Dalhart offers wide open spaces

Major Issues we are Tracking

April, 27 2023

The 88th Session of the Texas Legislature is well underway. Of the 500 plus bills being tracked by THLA, the most critical relate to short-term rentals, labor and employment, hotel occupancy tax, and property tax.

How to Attract the Deal-Seeker to your Hotel

April, 27 2023

Travel demand is strong, but budgets are stretched. Travelers are looking for deals. From flash deals to room upgrades and discounts, find ways to attract the deal-seeker.

TEA Listening Tour

April, 26 2023

TEA listening tour provides industry representatives an opportunity to represent the hospitality industry and provide input to ensure that high school students are informed and prepared for the exciting occupations in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

New Braunfels. New Adventures.

April, 26 2023

New Braunfels boasts an old-world heritage that combines perfectly with its small-town charm offering a diverse range of activities, attractions, and entertainment!

2023 Texas Legislative Session: Bills we are tracking

March, 30 2023

Updated March 30, 2023 Update: Statistics on bills filed through the 60th Day   Alcoholic Beverages   HB 115   Ortega, Lina(D) Relating to the offense of public consumption of… Read more »

Energy Saving Tips for Hotels

March, 30 2023

On average, hotels spend approximately 6% of their operating costs on energy. Consider some simple, affordable, and sustainable energy-saving options, as well as long-term infrastructure considerations.